Lotro Spring Festival

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Lotro Spring Festival Guide

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Players should visit the festival grounds for some spring-themed celebration.

* Love is in bloom! Head to Bree to help with affairs of the heart.
* Get into the spirits! The Tavern League is back for another round with new shenanigans.

* Send a note of affection to that special someone⦠or maybe even catch the attention of a secret admirer!

What can you expect?

* New Housing Keg that ports you to random places!

* A great deal of other cosmetic items coming with Spring Festival

* Gift Boxes

How to get Inn League Keg

The most wanted item this Spring is Inn League Keg. To get this Keg you have to travel to Shire - Brockenborings, and look for Mr. Sigismond North-took. You will find him beside beautiful statue
of the Bullroarer as part of a ceremony of respect.

Your first quest is Bullroarer's Brew. Sigismond North-took has asked that you collect clover used for making Bullroarer's Brew. To finish this quest you should go north to the Greenfields and collect 5 clover. When you collect all clovers go back to Sigismond North-took and take new quest

The second quest is Paying your respects. Sigismond North-took will tell you to take the clover you collected to Gunderic Grubb. You will find Gunderic Grubb at the Golden Perch in Stock, south and east of Brockenborings.
Then return to Sigismond North-took and place the Bullroarer's Brew at any stone around the statue. Your next step is to speack with Sigismond North-took again, after that he will send you to complite new mission - Bullroarer's Chanlenge. You should go east of Brockenborings and find Tobias Brockhouse.

The third quest is Bullroarer's Chanlenge. Simply stand on the starting platform, pick up your official Bullroarer's Chanlengebrew tankard, drink it, and make it across the fence to the other platform, where belgo is standing, before time runs out. If you fall of the fence, you fail the quest. If you fail, you can retry in 20 seconds. When you drink the tankard, everything becomes blurry (drunk effects).

When you finish this adventure go to Sigismond North-took to take rewards. You will get 5 Pints of Bullroarer's Brew, and one of selectable rewards: 5 Bullroarer's brew, Greenfields hat, Clover patch, Bullroarer's Tankard, Wooden Keg.

- Bullroarer's Challenge Advanced

So it's not the keg you get as an option reward for walking the fence the first time. It's the advanced version of the quest Bullroarer's Challenge , after you walk the fence for the first time. Once you finish the first time, go back to the Tobias Brockhouse, place you started walking the fence, and he will give you the Bullroarer's Chanlenge Advanced quest for the Inn League Keg.

The Advanced quest uses a timer bar that is 21 seconds long. Basically no time to sit around once it starts.

TRICKS AND TIPS: You have to do the whole fence in one fluid motion.
Turn your graphics down so you're not spinning around, and jump at the first possible opportunity, don't run down all the length of the fence.
The tricks in moving without using the right mouse button, it makes running faster and turning alot easier under the harsh time duration.

When you finish the quest go back to Sigismond North-took and take your INN LEAGUE KEG

This Keg can teleport you to:
* The basement of the Forsaken Inn,
* The arena in Ost Forod,
* The boar fountain in Bree
* The cat ladys house
* Under Trestlebridge.
On Giants Needle!
In Rushock Bog
* In the Shire at the pig farm
* Weathertop
* Gates of Fornost