Spring Festival

Okay, I think we're going to be able to turn the festival back on through the weekend, but due to some resource constraints we won't be able to get it turned on until tomorrow.

The festival will be coming back without the horse race. The horse races have been a constant source of pain for QA, customer service, and the developers who have tried to fix them since the very first one. The spring festival race, which broke in a completely different way, was the last straw and until it's fixed once and for all, the decision was made to keep it down. I cannot promise anything, but we've been discussing the best way to make the horse available through other means.

Once again I want to apologize for the lack of communication. I hope this makes up for it a little bit, and I promise we'll keep trying to improve in the future.

It's scheduled to turn off at 12:00PM Eastern on Monday, April 13!


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One Response to Spring Festival

  1. avatar Prowlinger says:

    Well I guess this is a good thing. Seems things are a mess at Turbine as of late.

    They need to stop the new content for a few weeks and focus on the core engine… Fix the bugs (Hunter / Bow animation displaced still? Yup)… and fill alot of missing gaps.

    Gaps? They keep adding more new skills and items… but we lack more toolbars and slots… seriously… this is a dire situation when you have to shelf 10+ skills on your hunter or captain since you have NO slots left… Simple… just add more!

    Sigh… the missing LM recipes for lynx, sabers, eagles, everything but bears. Why did we create the fishing hobby again? Couldn't some of those fishes find reason and purpose to go into LM recipes for non bear animals?

    Ahh the horse races… not quite sure how that went sour… so bad that the whole Spring Festival it was broken. Sorry everyone that was hoping to get a Spring Horse… :( Alot of people dislike Moria and beyond atm… saying it is super grind fest… I can see that. I am trodding through it solo seeing as I can't get a Kin to run instances on my server atm… but the amount of grinding is really ramping up…

    Hmmm Guildwars did this with the Eye of the North expansion…and that summed up to be a major flop.

    Turbine… if you can see this… please consider some of these suggestions and regroup and focus… You are starting to lose vet core players now days. :(