Lord of the Rings Online headed to Xbox 360?

There are a lot of rumors these days about Lotro. Previous post was about Riders of Rohan and now new rumor says that Lotro may have an Xbox 360 release in its future. Brad Nicholson from destructoid.com  wrote:

"The good news is we’re hearing that Microsoft is close to finalizing an MMO model for Xbox LIVE. This is a model that, hopefully, won’t exclude Silver members or force Gold subscribers to pay for two services simultaneously. We contacted Turbine today in order to obtain official confirmation of the console title. Turbine wouldn’t confirm any of the source’s information, yet none of it was denied."

Joystig has contacted Adam Mersky Turbine's PR director and the answer was:

"We saw that rumor, too... We're not talking about what we're working on specifically, only that we're making a console MMO and actively working with Microsoft and Sony."

This unnamed console project is in progress and more information we can expect on summer.


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