Serious problem with the AH in Book 12

Dear players,

after today's patch the search auction house search is back up. Unfortunately it will only work for auctions created after the patch, so some auctions still will not show up until saturday morning, when the last auctions from this morning will run out. We are sorry for the inconvenience and wish you all the best of luck.


Your Game Masters

Auction House

  • Rejoice! We returned auction string searching functionality.

March 13th, Book 12 Patch 1 Notes!

As some of us have noticed there is a search problem in Auction House. Items posted before the patch are still listed when a specific search is made, but items posted post-patch will no longer show up on any specific searches! Look like its a bug on EU servers, it doesn't appear on US servers.

We're aware of the issues with the Auction House. It seems you are still able to find items but not through the search function. For now, to find an item you will have to use the navigation (a pain I know!) Roll on old fashioned trading!
LOTRO Community Officer

Will the Auction Hall search problem be fixed any time soon?
<[CM]Liquilla> We're currently looking to put a fix to the auction house in place between the first or second week of March. We understand the severity and the issues its causing for players.

Excerpt from Lates Dev Chat

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