Patch notes – 20 September, 2007

UI Changes

* Reversed a previous change to the Auction UI that would prevent the entry of non-alphanumeric characters into the search field. You can now search for Barrow-Iron again!
* No more crashes due to deleting chat windows.
* Your UI will no longer move around by itself when you resize your window or switch between fullscreen and windowed mode.
* Player and opponent power and morale bars should look cleaner now.
* Fellowship and raid pet vitals are once again green. See? Loremaster Smith's pet Yogi isn't really aggro to you!
* Session Players will now see the Monster Controlled and Player Controlled mapnotes in the Ettenmoors.
* Kinship Officers may now promote and demote Members and Recruits.
* Opening the bank (interact w/ banker) while the UI is [F12] hidden caused the bank to appear, but toggling the UI back on would cause the bank to DISAPPEAR until relogging. This has been fixed.
* Popup UI boxes while using mouse-steer caused the mouse cursor to disappear. This is now fixed.
* Fixed a bug that was resulting in previously deleted items returning to inventory in a state that incorrectly prevented the player from moving or deleting them.


* You should now be able to speak to Laerdan in Gath Forthnír up until you have completed both Books 8 and 9 of the Epic.
* 'Book 10, Chapter 14' - Now if you don't follow Laerdan into the depths of Barad Tironn, the quest will properly fail.


* Ingredient recipes used to process items for some reputation recipes were not available in game, preventing players from executing these recipes. The missing reputation ingredient recipes are now auto-granted to the Jeweller (1 recipe), Prospector (1 recipe), and Forester (2 recipes) professions.
* Crafting (Tailor): Players can now purchase "Spool of Elven-thread" from Expert Tailor vendors.


* Fixed a crash which would frequently occur when flipping keeps in Annuminas.
* The respawn rate of Angmarim at the Gates of Annuminas has been adjusted to match normal landscape respawn rates.
* The Hunter's "Tracking Guide" passive skill was missing from trainers. No longer!
* Fixed a bug that was preventing Fellowship members from looting a corpse with money on it when it wasn't their turn under a round-robin loot rule.
* High level Decayed now drop Putrid Fingernails again.
* The House of Elrond is no longer invisible in low-detail graphics settings on some hardware.
* Fixed an issue where monsters' pets would sometimes fail to summon. Be on the lookout for more adds!
* Fixed the issue with companion pet skills. If you keep using only 1 companion skill, it would only work once and then never again until you click another skill.
* Added a bunch of server-side fixes and changes that are transparent to the players.

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