Jeff Anderson leaves Turbine?

Just saw this news over on Turbine's company background page no longer features Jeff Anderson as their CEO and President? There were no official news or announcements about this so we can't confirm this as nothing else but rumors but we'll try and get some official response. As to why would this happen (the guy was giving out interviews just a several days ago and no hints about this were mentioned) and what effect will this have on LOTRO we can't tell, but we'll keep you posted.

Here's the originating news source: Warcry

Update: in the comments section of Warcry's news there's this piece of information:

"Jim Crowley has replaced Anderson as President and CEO of Turbine. Crowley has held executive positions as Chief Operating Officer at Network Plus and Vice President Digital Content & Messaging at Verisign."

We'll keep you posted with future developments.

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