New Lotro Secret Place – Castle

Dear Lotro Adventurers, here is a new secret place, that we have to explore in a "HOBBIT AND SQUIRRELS" sort of way 🙂 We have really enjoyed our last adventure, so if you are ready for a new one, here it is:

A screenshot is taken in Ered Luin, lower west corner of the map, and from the map it likely is not an area you would normally be able to get to.
It's somewere south under the words "to grey havens".

So the question is: Can we get there?


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11 Responses to New Lotro Secret Place – Castle

  1. avatar Tabbitha says:

    Grrrrrrrr 2 solid days of trying and no luck yet :(

  2. avatar Subotai says:

    Still trying to see that squirrely hobbit.;)

  3. avatar Silriel says:

    No luck for me too:(

  4. avatar Anonymous says:

    i cant find the play button

  5. avatar Subotai says:

    I was scouting around in Rath Teraig a bit, and I think I saw what looked like a dwarf-keep on the opposite side of the mountain; it had the distinctive bunker-quality of dwarven architecture.

    It looks to be accessible, perhaps, from the Southern Barricade in Rath Teraig…anyone else see this?

  6. avatar Tabbitha says:

    Ive been all round there in my search but didnt find anything yet

  7. avatar Subotai says:

    There is one spot where I thought I'd be able to jump up, in Crookdell…but apparently not. It may be a zone to open in the update. Hope so. Dying to get up there.

  8. avatar blinkyfish says:

    yea ive been trying for AGES, nearly possible from surnar, and the northern blockade other than that getting to the map east and then going south and accross the river, who know tho

  9. avatar Anonymous says:

    I tried every way.. on 5 different chars.. nope.. can't get past the mtns.

  10. avatar Subotai says:

    The dream is still alive!

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