More Burglar Updates

Every class should have it's Zombie_Columbus. After some updates for Burglar that were listed in Book 8 Preliminary Release Notes , few hours later,  ZC has announced much longer list in Book 8 Burglar Changes. Also, Hellfanger has been kind enough to offer us a sneak peek at the newest Burglar Lady's Secrecy set.

Today Zombie_Columbus has announced few quick Burglar updates:

  • Quite a Snag now reduces attack speed by 10% and increases incomming damage by 3%.
  • Small Snag still reduces attack speed by 5% and now increases incoming damage by 2%.
  • Gamblers Strike no longer is guaranteed a tier 4-6 damaging Gamble. It's odds are better them other Gamble application skills, but not as consistent as it was. Existing Gambles on your foe will still be upgraded to max tier (including Damaging Gambles applied from other sources)
  • Stick and move now properly buffs Evade partials.

During Book 7, the Legendary Trait skills were buffed up rather significantly to increase their usefulness. In Book 8, the decision was made to drastically reduce Recovery time of the skills to allow them to feel more like parts of the Burglars skill rotation. The combination of increased duration/potency and reduced recovery time proved a little too potent in the above cases, one aspect of the skills needed to be reduced. In the case of Quite a Snag, it was felt being able to maintain the debuff on a single foe would be more useful then having a stronger debuff active for a shorter amount of time. For Gamblers Strike, the upgrading to tier 6 gameplay was strong but not overpowering. However, being able to throw a high tier damaging Gamble each ~20 seconds, with the Book 7 Gamble damage enhancements, was too good. So, the Gamble application aspect of the skill was reduced to allow the upgrade component to shine.


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