Mining and the LOTRO Community

Week or so ago Silriel and me were questing around in Bree land. Silriel is one of those players that sees a mining resource from miles away - has her vision focused on it and sees nothing else until she sees ore in her bags. On one of those occasions she got her ore and all of a sudden we see "THIEF!" written in our chat window. We look around and there's a dwarf guardian standing there all puffing and smoking with anger. Apparently he was about to mine that resource and something lagged for him and Silriel got to it first. She, of course, had no idea he was there because all she could see was the mining node. Now, this topic has been covered several times by various other LOTRO sites and comics and we wanted to do something special and different. This being our 10th casual comic we wanted to organize a mini in-game event and give a chance to the actual players on our server to get a chance and be featured in our webcomic. And so we announced our first ever Live comic shoot and started spamming the OOC and Regional channels on Sunday night about the upcoming event. The spamming got lost quickly among all the other "LFF Chapter 11s" and "LFM Bone Man" requests but there were a few brave souls that answered our call and joined in on the fun and here we are with our first comic featuring the real LOTRO community. Thank you all very much for helping us and we are looking forward on doing more events like this in the future.

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