Major site improvements

It was a very busy few weeks but we are happy to let you all know about the work we've done on the site and the new stuff available:

- One time use recipes Rare Crafting Component List page has been put up. It lists all the rare components needed for one time use recipes. The list was compiled with help of Fizen's world famous list and we added a number of new recipes we found ourselves as well. The list has full search functionality. (
- Fellowship Combos page has been enriched with new information (
- Our very own forums are up providing a friendly place for LOTRO community. (
- Wallpapers and Mobile wallpapers sections are up. Enrich your desktop or cellular phone with this selection of LOTRO themed backgrounds.
- RSS feeds for our News and Comic pages have been added so you can monitor when new webcomics are up through your Live Bookmarks or favorite Feed reader.
- We have added Digg and buttons so you can add bookmarks to our webcomics to these communities.

The live comic shoot event went fine as well and we'll be releasing the new comic tomorrow.

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