Marks of Triumph

Quick Guide to Marks of Triumph
by Vonabor

Marks of Triumph are new for book 14, and can be traded in for items at Sages of Eriador next to Reflecting Pools. Below are the locations and the quests that I've found.

All of the quests are on a 5 day cool-down, give you 1 mark, and they are BoA - thanks to Malanthor & Kelswen for confirming


Tinnudir, Evendim
Book X, Chapter 14: The Eye of Angmar
Book XII, Chapter 3: Barad Tironn

Aughaire, Angmar
Book XII, Chapter 6: Laerdan's Escape
Book XII, Chapter 9: Weapons of the Enemy
Book VII, Chapter 8: The Gates of Carn Dum
Book VIII, Chapter 5: Mordirith's Fall

Rivendell, Trollshaws

Book IV, Chapter 8: The Unmarked Trail
Book V, Chapter 5: The Last Refuge
Book V, Chapter 8: Fire and Ice

Suri-Kyla, Forochel
Book XIII, Chapter 9: The Path of Aearil

*I'm assuming because there is a Sage next to the Forochel reflecting pool, havn't done that quest on Roheryn yet.

All barter items are the same at each Sage, the 3 writ barters are on a 28 day cool-down.

Barter Items

30 marks - Helegrod Armour writ
16 marks - Annuminas Armour writ
8 marks - Angmar Armour writ
10 marks - Beryl Shard
3 marks - Master Jewelers Scroll
3 marks - Master Metalsmith Scroll
3 marks - Master Weaponsmith Scroll
3 marks - Master Tailor Scroll
3 marks - Master Woodworker Scroll

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