LOTRoster 1.4.0 is now available

LOTROster 1.4.0 is now available for download. Here is the list of changes in this new version:n

  • NEW: Custom fields. You can have up to 5 custom fields to hold user-entered data (edit access can also be restricted to the administrator on a per-field basis). Custom fields can contain text, images or clickable links (the last two are restricted to administrators only).
  • NEW: Added functions to the configuration interface to delete the activity log or the user claims..
  • NEW: Integration with external DKP management tools to display DKP values on your roster. Currently supported: eqdkp and eqdkpplus. Use the 'dkp' field to insert into your roster.
  • NEW: EQDKP-Plus authentication support (when used as a Portal)
  • MPROVED: Added a fourth optional stats page, to accomodate the addition of new custom fields.
  • IMPROVED: The additional stats page no longer require the Extra Data option to be enabled.
  • IMPROVED: Dropdown menu will now let you sort by any field, not just by those currently displayed.
  • IMPROVED: Destructive database operations in the configuration interface will now request for confirmation.
  • IMPROVED: Improved log readability (highlited old/new data, sorted entries)
  • IMPROVED: Characters with no extra data (i.e. archived by Turbine) will only be logged as such when logging verbosity is set to the highest level (debug).
  • IMPROVED: Removed "Force Update" from the roster menu. You can still force a roster update from the Configuration interface.
  • IMPROVED: Can now use Grouped display sorted by username.
  • IMPROVED: Code cleanup to help maintaining the code.
  • FIXED: Flatfile support was broken on the Win32 platform.
  • FIXED: Potential warning when claiming a character.
  • FIXED: CSS issue with roster header (custom CSS users need to update the .rm_headerrow class in their custom stylesheet)
  • FIXED: Tribes level charts now begin at 50 (the lowest level a creep can be)
  • FIXED: Warning if using flatfile storage with an empty roster.

    More information and the download link can be found at www.lostrealm.ca

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