Lotro Skirmishes Known Problems

During the last few days I have been gathering information about known bugs, differences between Beta and released version of Siege of Mirkwood and idea for future updates. If you come across another interesting ideas or disturbing ones please let us know.

  1. Skirmish Mark Clutter
    Most of those drops are either trash (to sell), or trade-able at the curiosity vendor for additional skirmish marks.
    We knew this would be a concern and are looking into it. [Raskolnikov]
  2. What do burgs do about their most basic attack skill - stealth mode
    Stealth is a delicate system that if handled poorly can result in a lot of really bad problems and issues. Having soldiers respond to you being stealthed was something we investigated for launch, but turned out to be a very complex and complicated issue to tackle (as simple as you may think the design might or should be, that has little bearing on the difficulty of the implementation) for launch given everything else necessary to get the system up and running. We would rather have consistent behavior than oddly different sometimes breaking unpolished behavior.

    Now that the system is live, re-investigating stealth and coming up with a suitable solution that does not invalidate stealth as a tactic and skillset, yet does not cause things to break and wonkiness to ensue, is one of the top items on our to-do list. [jwbarry]

  3.  Skirmish Raid size?
    The quest dialog says in red text that the skirmish can be completed at Solo, Small Fellowship, Fellowship, or Raid sizes. But when creating the skirmish from the Skirmish Join panel, raid is not an option in the drop-down list.
    The skirmishes for mirkwood and Dol Guldur will have their raids enabled in a future update. There was not enough time to fully balance and bugfix a dozen skirmish raids. These ones had lingering issues and we decided to hold them back and get them right before releasing them. One of the really cool things about skirmishes is we have the tech to do be able to still have the skirmishes available, but limit the group size options to what's functional and polished. The final skirmish involved with the epic, Battle in the Tower does have it's raid mode available. [jwbarry]
  4. Outfits not working
    There is a known bug with some of the cosmetic traits. We are looking into fixing it as soon as possible. [Zombie_Columbus]
  5. Bree town skirmish bug
    No, it's not a bug. This is working as intended. This boss fight will reset if any of the enemy party get too close to the exit gate or if you wipe and they leave combat. [jwbarry]
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