Lotro Adventure Packs and Loot Bags Now On Sale

Codemasters has announced today that players can now purchase the Adventure Pack and Loot Bags!

Adventure Pack
Every adventurer needs an Adventure Pack. Included in this handy pack:

  • 2 additional character slots
  • One shared storage (20 additional slots)

All for just £4.99 / € 6.99!

Loot Bag
If you just can't help yourself when it comes to useful shinies, then why not grab yourself the Loot Bag which includes ten special in-game items especially selected from all the items ever released:

  • Bree-horse (In-game mount for level 25 and up)
  • Ring of Agility (+3 agility)
  • Ranger's Cloak (+42 armour, +5% out of combat run speed boost)
  • Waybread of Imladris (Removes wound and poison effects. Restores power, heals damage, and increases Morale & Power regeneration)
  • Scented Hope Candles (+10 Radiance, stack of 5)
  • Lucky Horseshoe (+5 Fate, additional +5 Fate when activated)
  • Cloak of Durin’s Crown (+42 armor, +120 Non-combat morale regen)
  • 5 Resist Acid Potions (+100 Acid Defence for 21 minutes)
  • Pesky Dormouse (Housing decoration, this mouse exits his hole to look around your house)
  • Ore-Miner’s Helm (Cosmetic head wear)

All for just £4.99 / € 6.99!

To buy one or both of these great items login to your Codemasters Online Player Account to get started.


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