Lotro Monster resistance rates in Book 1

If you have noticed that  Monsters frequently resist your skills, these information might clear things up:

Shortly after Mirkwood’s launch, we found an unexpected bug. Between the Moria and Mirkwood updates, monster resistance rates had been accidentally altered in strange way. From level 1 to 42, the resistance ratings were correct. These ratings translated to around a 1% resistance rate at low levels that slowly rose to the expected rate, which is around 10%. However, at level 43 the ratings dropped down by exactly half, and stayed that way all the way to level cap. This means players leveling with a tactical character would see monster resistance rates raise slightly as they leveled, even out at 10%, and then suddenly drop away at level 43. This is contrasted by classes that fight against Block/Parry/Evade for damage, who saw their rates stay the same.

Monster resistance rates have been fixed in Book 1 to stay around 10% for all levels past 43. There are a number of trait, gear and legacy options that can be used to reduce this number. B/P/E classes are in the same boat, but have always been dealing with higher rating numbers to fight against. Reports of resistance rates 20% or higher are likely caused by small sample spaces, fighting up-level or against creatures with specific resistance buffs.

Unfortunately, this fix was not properly documented, which led to its omission from the release notes. It was never our intention to hide this from players or perform any kind of ‘stealth nerf’. We apologize for the communications breakdown and will make every effort to avoid similar issues in the future.


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