LOTRO Hardware Upgrade

As Sapience has announced LOTRO will soon receive a significant hardware upgrade that will improve the performance and capacity of the game worlds. Bullroarer is the first server with the new hardware upgrade and if you would like to test it, the doors are open to everyone with an active subscription.

Plus, all content added with Mines of Moria and Siege of Mirkwood is available to all players on the Bullroarer server, even if you’ve never upgraded! All you need is an active subscription to any version of LOTRO!

To make it easy to visit the new server you can copy up to 5 of your existing characters to the Bullroarer server* with the Character Copy Tool! For Information on using the Character Copy Tool, please refer to the Bullroarer Forums.

As a special thank you for helping test out the new hardware, everyone who logs in and plays on the Bullroarer server for at least one hour between 6:00PM Eastern (-5 GMT) today (December 8) and 11:59PM Eastern Friday December 11, will be entered into a drawing for one of the following:

  • $250 Best Buy Gift Card – 1 Winner
  • $150 Best Buy Gift Card – 1 Winner
  • $100 Best Buy Gift Card – 5 Winners

Please note: The Eyes & Guard Tavern will not be available for this event.

You will need to download and install the Bullroarer Client to participate in this event. You can download the installer here.

*Characters copied to Bullroarer will be wiped at the end of the event. Players may not transfer progress on Bullroarer back to their live characters.

More information about TERMS & CONDITIONS

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