Hardware Upgrade and Downtime

On Tuesday, December 15, the LOTRO servers will be brought down from 4:00AM – 4:00PM Eastern (-5 GMT) for a significant hardware upgrade and data center move that will improve the performance and capacity of the game worlds. The Bullroarer test server will remain available during this time.

Turbine will also be running a special "Moving Day Lottery" on my.lotro.com during the move. Be sure to sign up for your chance to win some great in game loot!

Tuesday December 15th will be a big day for The Lord of the Rings Online, as we complete our most substantial hardware upgrade since the game launched in North America in April 2007. This new server hardware gives us additional speed and capacity to support the growing world of Middle-earth, from the battles of Mirkwood to new Skirmishes across Eriador. It also provides the room to support the growing population of Middle-earth – there has been a huge response to the launch of Siege of Mirkwood, and we are delighted to see both returning players and new explorers to the world. Thank you for your patience, and we look forward to opening the doors again once this transition is complete.


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