Lotro Enedwaith area part two

Taking a second look at the information about new Enedwaith area that will go live with the Volume 2, Book 3 launch:

  • Enedwaith will be a primarily level 62-65ish zone, the cap will remain 65. [Sapience]
  • Enedwaith is larger than the North Downs [Sapience]
  • The wide and empty land that lay between Arnor in the north and Gondor in the south. Originally deeply forested, the great forests of this region were cut down by the Numenoreans during the Second Age. [lorebook]
  • The Enedwaith Google map from the Lorebook is not only incorrect (and thus not good for any kind of accurate comparison), but has actually been completely replaced by the correct Enedwaith region in the Beta. So, to be clear, that map you see when you visit the Lorebook has no relation to what's actually going into the game and will ship with V3B2. [Sapience]
  • VIP members will get access to the new area, the epic quest line associated with it and all the regular quests in the land [massively]
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