Lotro – the best MMO of the Year by PC Gamer!

Today PC Gamer released the list of the US's Games of the Year Awards. The best MMO of the Year award has been given to The Lord of the Rings Online. Congratulations!

When it came to keeping us entertained all year long with small updates, plus throwing us the occasional party with huge loads of free content, LotRO treated its fans the best. Two new Epic Books’ worth of quests alongside the franchise’s memorable characters and two new regions were added; character creation and starter regions were completely revamped, in-game events were expanded and UI elements were improved—and then the game went free-to-play in September.

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  1. avatar Lotro Forum says:

    Dont forget to check eBay for some LOTRO bargains, I saw the mines of Moria for 99cents, also try Amazon for used items.

    Lotro Forum