Lorebook Advanced Search Guide

The LOTRO Lorebook is a useful resource for players seeking information about anything in the game, from creatures and items to characters and locations! One way to fully maximize its utility is by using the Advanced Search feature, which allows you to search by category even if you don’t know the exact keywords for your search Instead of entering text, you can start your search by selecting one of the categories in the Advanced Search panel, which is located beneath the Basic Search box:

Categories include Weapons, Armor, Quests, Deeds, Traits, NPCs, and Recipes. Each category permits you to select and input as much, or as little, information for a query as you like; you don’t even have to enter text into the text fields in order to perform a search!

For example, if you were looking for Tier 2 Scholar recipes you would:

  1. Click on Advanced Search
  2. Click on the Recipe Category
  3. Click on the checkbox next to Tier 2
  4. Click on the checkbox for the Scholar profession
  5. Click Submit!

As you can see, the Lorebook returns a list of 16 different Tier 2 Scholar recipes. To learn more about each recipe, all you need to do is to click on the title. By clicking on "Fire-oil Recipe" you’ll see more information about the recipe:

Keep in mind, searches returning greater than 2000 entries will require you to narrow the scope of your search. If you’re still not sure about the text description, you can further narrow your search by selecting more choices. If your search for Tier 2 recipes for Scholars returned too many articles, you could try selecting one of the Usage options – Unlimited or One time use - to help reduce the volume of entries. Try it for yourself and see!

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