Latest Dev Chat Transcript

Check out the latest Dev Chat Transcript

* Book13 notes mentioned new horse(s). Are these just another reskin or a completely new model?
* Any plans for the future, that we are getting bigger bags for our inventory?
* Could we have more kinship functionalities? It could be: Custom titles, event calendar with signups eg. raids, kinship bank vaults, profession lists, kinship shop etc.
* Will there be new 40man raids?
* The Month of the Pack Space?
* When is a firm date for book 13

And much more...

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2 Responses to Latest Dev Chat Transcript

  1. avatar Anonymous says:

    Oh gosh, I hope they don't do 40 main raids. I know, I did read the chat, and they said now, but sheesh, why do people want to turn this into WoW? I left WoW because of the time commitment, I do like having a Real Life outside of the game.

  2. avatar Beleglin says:

    I've left Wow for the same reason you wrote, but I don't think that Lotro has any ambitions to turn into Wow