How to make gold in Lotro

Do you remember the Hobo's Guide to Money-Making? This is one of best guides I've ever read, which helped me to get enough gold for me and my alts. Today I've found an interesting discussion about a "secret" way to make money in this game.

These are some secret ideas:

  • Kill Undead and Trolls of Lonelands.Trolls drop 3-6s and w/e stuff. Take about 30-50mins to get 700s-1G. Undead can go better, but you'll fill bags up faster.
  • Bandits in Evendim is nother of mine, lots of items and quick trip there with 3-4 empty bags get you 600-800 silver for under hour work.
  • Grind green mobs for cash (and finish deeds as a bonus)
  • Any time anything new is added it sells for many times more than it will a few weeks later. Sell high, buy it back low.
  • Sell Symbols of Celebrimbor
  • Learned how to use the AH efficiently
  • Sold NPC vendor buyable outfits for inflated prices
  • Once mobs become grey in a certain gathering area, it becomes much easier to farm resources
  • Hit level cap and then quest. When you can't earn XP, you get extra silver for the reward

These are all really good ideas, but man do they sound like a lot of work. Here's my trick:

1) Target self.
2) /coin add 99999999
3) Profit.

Oh... you guys don't have admin clients? Well isn't that a shame.


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