Guide To Money Making

The Hobo's Guide to Money-Making

A comprehensive guide for those people who just don't have money.

by Krazymouse2

This guide is for those people who just don't have money, have financial problems, or just like the smell of Moolah! So that probably means you. I also added a few snidgets of comedic humour into this. Lets begin!


Alright, remember that If you don't have money, it does NOT mean you are a newb

1. Try not to use the Auction House.
2. Just because you have lots of money, doesn't mean you can relax and be careless with your money supply.
3. And NEVER EVER EVER buy gold.......... EVER

(Sorry if that was a little short)


Please follow these money making tips for your level. (Crafting, Loot hunting, and etc. has not been added on purpose to this section)

1-8 You obviously don't need to save up money at this time, but it would be a good idea to get good gear on you. (NPC items work well at this time and are also very cheap). Do not waste money on repairs, you will usually outlevel your gear before it really needs repairing.

You should start working up a little money from selling loot. Repair only purple gear that you expect to last.

Begin saving, I know this sounds crazy but trust me, begin saving up your money. And try selling things on the AH. (By the way, you shouldn't buy a house, unless you're super rich.)

Keep on saving, you should be around the 200 silver point, if you are not, don't worry, but having around 200 silver from saving up helps a lot

Stop all buying from AH, do not take quests that are 2 levels above you, although this may slow down your leveling, you will thank me later for this information

This is where it gets serious, begin grinding mobs at good locations for money, try making money from other sources like crafting, quests, and extras. about this time you should have 2.5 gold... it is a lot better if you have more than this. (I think you know where I'm going.)

It is time for you to get a horse, if you don't, I would go into a stage of serious grinding and looting. Alternately, some people prefer to wait and buy a faction horse when they reach kindred standing somewhere.

You can relax now, enjoy spending some money, and have an enjoyable time with your horse and other goodies you have purchased with your money.

40+ You should use stuff I put below if you need money...


Places for money

1. Barrow Downs, It has a nice and steady money source, not too much money though, but not too little, (this does NOT include Haudh Iarchith) For levels 12-26

2. Ered Luin, Shire, Bree, these places shouldnt be main sources of income, but can rake in some good dough if you want. for levels 6-24

3. Lonelands, This barren landscape does more harm to your money instead of giving, but still come here for quests. However, places with heavy humanoid population, orc, and half orcs can give you some good items and loot. For levels 22-28 (this does NOT include the area east of Ost Guruth for more rules apply)

4. Agamaur and lands north of it, Very good source of money, if you don't include the repairs, but seriously, come here with a fellowship for some serious grinding. For level 26-34

5. Harloeg, A so-so money source, i tried to avoid this place though. It CREEPED ME OUT. For level 28-32

6. Trestlebridge and Fields of Fornost, A pretty good source of money noticing the orc and oathbreaker population, and also a journeyman forester paradise. For level 24-27 (NOT INCLUDING FORNOST)

7. Fornost, Mainly for quests and grinding but the area around it is horrible for money unless you're in a fellowship. For level 28-36

8. Kingsfell and lands north and south of it, A pretty good flow of money come through here especially the Dourhands, orcs, and spiders. Also, sharders roam this area. For level 26-31

9. Rhunenland, Nan Amlug, Dol Dinen, the Humanoids, Orcs, Goblins, Rhauta lhema, all give you good sources of money, you should seriously consider grinding at a camp here. For level 30-36

10. Evendim, the Tomb Raiders are good money, but stay away from Annuminas until you are ready. for level 34-38

11. Trollshaws, are more evil to your money than good but I would rather skip this place altogether and use Evendim for leveling. 32-36

12. West Misty Mountains, The lynx are good supply of hides and other creatures here give loot fast. for levels 39-42

13. East Misty Mountains, This area has some good loot but also some really strong baddies, avoid this area until your 48. For levels 48-50

14. West Angmar, Aughaire has good quests, rewards, and the humanoids give off really good loot, lots of sharders, and the scara gives hides. for level 41-44

15. East Angmar, gives you money like a broken slot machine, but only if you know how to break it :) for level 45-50

16. Forochel is money paradise. If you see a fur bearing animal, kill it for the hide, and maybe Lossoth rep items. for level 44-48

17. Leijona Kotin, OMG this place has many many Sabertooths, which gives furs, Lossoth spear heads, and plenty of great claws. These items sell like hotcakes at the AH, so utilize this information. For level 46-50, Location... south west from Ita Ma. and south east from Zigilund. Against the mountains... don't worry, you'll find it.

18. Ettenmoors, There are better places for money, trust me



The Money Crafting gets you is amazing.

Scholar: If you are a newbie scholar, vendor your tier-one stuff to the NPC, except for athelas and celebrant potions. The higher tier you get, the better. Scholars can find nodes easily by using their tracking skill. Their nodes are usually found around ruins.

Farmer: Not recommended for money unless you plan to be a blackberry farmer, but is great to have if you also have a cook.

Weaponsmith: Can make lots of money at high tiers, especially the critical weapons, but you should already know this.

Woodworker: Pretty much the same as weaponsmith.

Prospector: The richest craft skill; ores, and ingots sell at the Auction House for high prices, check your local AH for current prices.

Tailor: A so-so money source. Not really recommended, unless you are crafting for yourself. However, the tier 5 single-recipe crits can sell for a good amount, especially cloaks and hats. Check your local AH for your server's economy.

Forester: Similar to Prospector.

Metalsmith: Heavy armour sells very well, as do higher tier craft tools. This craft profession seems to be less popular than others.

Cook: Makes food for yourself, but has awesome prices for crit food for tier 5. Downside, even after the Book 14 patch that was supposed to "make cooking cheaper and easier", cook is still the single most expensive craft skill, in terms of pure cash required to execute recipes.

Jeweler: Not the best way to make money in the early tiers, but at the highest tier, critted single-shot recipes can be auctioned off for significant amounts.



1. It is a good idea to not attempt to buy and resell objects on the AH unless you are sure that profits will come in. So don't buy that stack of polished steel ingots if it costs 1.2 gold, but please buy that beryl shard if you see it for 50 silver.
2. Do not buy gold for real life cash. It is against the Code of Conduct, and it hurts the economy.
3. It is a good idea for you to not purchase a house before you get a horse. But I do encourage people to buy houses. Maybe you can buy one and invite me over for a cup of tea. ;)
4. It is a bad idea to do things like seeing how many deaths you can get in an hour, the repair bills will eat heavily into your savings.
5. Hobbies don't earn you much money unless you end up catching lots of cook-able fish.

Well this wraps it up, hope you use these tips well.