Happy Thanksgiving

We just wanted to wish a happy Thanksgiving holiday to our US visitors. Get some time off LotRO and get together with your families and friends. I know you would rather be killing dragons in Angmar but that turkey ain't gonna eat itself. Pretend that you are stabbing Bloodwing for example (very cool looking dragon in Angmar, Silriel and me tried taking on by ourselves - got our asses whooped).

Just wanted to mention a couple of things I stumbled across in search for LotRO news:

Blog of Troggle a level 12 Hobbit Burglar on the ArkenStone (he just about has the same leveling pace as Silriel and me do)

I was thinking of using this weekend to maybe upgrade to Vista. But than I saw this commercial and pretty much gave up on it. Heard there's a new version of Mac OS out - maybe give that a try 😛 (yes I am easily influenced my mildly entertaining advertisements)

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