Dev Corner (November) – Housing

As we can see in Book 12, a lot of problems that we are dealing with during the last few weeks will be solved. DangerDan - Turbine Developer has answered a lot of questions and shared with Lotro Community major improvements in housing.


* Decoration Rotation in Hooks -- More Decoration Customization!
* Housing Benefits Extended to All Characters on an Account -- Alts Can Fast Travel And More!
* More Ownership Information Displayed -- Meet your neighbors!
* Trophy Decorations Bound to the Player -- Bask in the Prestige!
* Usable Decorations -- Fun Items Do Fun Stuff!

Q: Free-form placement? Please?
A: The feedback from players on both sides of the pond has been very clear on this. We're investigating how to update decorations with a truly free-form system, though we already know this would take a significant chunk of time to do. So, in the meanwhile, we've looked for something to tide everyone over. For that, we're adding support for *rotation*.
Starting in Book 12, you will be able to spin your chairs to face your tables or fireplaces, your trees to face the sun, etc.

Q: I have multiple characters, but only one house! Help!
A: Another big request was to extend all the benefits of house ownership to the other characters on that server for that account. We heard your request and we've implemented it for Book 12.
Now, all your characters will gain the fast travel skill, get the neighborhood discount, use the mailbox, as well as receive full permissions to the house.

Q: Who are my neighbors? I'd like to meet them, communicate, and plan fun events.
A: A small thing, but hopefully something you'll like: We're adding owner indentification to a few places in the UI.
Now, when you run up to a house that's owned by a player, not only will you see the address appear, you'll also see the character's name. This will show up in the big white "billboard" text as well as below the mini-map and on the Housing Info panel. Of course, if you prefer your privacy, you can hide your name.

Q: Can I buy and decorate my Hobbit House with Elf Furniture?
A: You sure can. Each of the Furnishers in the different neighborhoods have a few different things that you can decorate with. You just need to pay a visit and pick up the unique decorations or crafting recipes on them. While we may, in the future, introduce decorations that can only be used in certain housing neighborhoods, right now all decorations can be used in any house. Mix and match to your heart's content.

Q: I like to pretend I am an unkempt and untidy Hobbit. Where are my dirty house decorations?
A: While I appreciate a house that keeps itself clean, perhaps that's a reaction to clutter of my real home. We're working on adding more decorations in Book 12 that will help you to express your character's personality - and I expect we will keep on adding more in future books. I can think of at least one decoration coming in Book 12 to fit what you're looking for.

Q: Can I fish in my neighborhood?
A: Once you can fish at all... I think you'll be able to fish in your neighborhood. I have #4 Waterbank in the Falathlorn homestead. I definitely want to go fishing from my side yard.

Q: What about trophies? Proof of great deeds? Armor and swords on the wall?
A: While being able to show off any weapon or armor is not yet in the cards, we are adding a number of trophy decorations you can only get by accomplishing great deeds. You've met the Clar the Taxidermist? Well, in Book 12 you can bring him new things for him to clean-up into a very exciting trophy you can display in your home.

What's more, if you see one of these trophies, you know that whoever placed it had to have done the work to earn it. That's because these trophies are bound to the person who earned them and cannot simply be bought and sold.

Q: What about items I can use? Can I light candles and fireplaces? Use bookshelves? Tables? That kind of thing?
A: Another feature that we're introducing in Book 12 are usable decorations. I expect that this is one feature we'll get a lot of mileage out of over time, adding new items that can be placed in or around your house to do interesting things.
There will be a couple of fun things in Book 12, and I'm sure there will be more in the future.

Q: Will I ever be able to craft at home?
A: Maybe, but not in Book 12. We want to be very careful about how and if we allow crafting in Neighborhoods. Among other things, we're concerned about draining people away major social centers who are drawn by crafting stations. It's not out of the question for the future, if we can work out the right approach.

Q: What about letting a room at an Inn?
A: We don't have plans to support this, but it sounds like an interesting idea.

A: There are a lot of good questions and ideas in this thread, and they are ones that we as developers love to see and take back to our planning for future updates. More house routes to neighborhoods. Hiding Decoration Floating Text. House Pets. Message Boards. Inviting Friends To Your House. Kinship Neighborhoods. At Home Notification. Event Planning... these are all awesome ideas.

I really hope that, over time, we can keep adding on to housing with these and other features.

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