Hall of Mirrors Lumul-nar ZirakZigel

Book 8 brings us two new 3-man, one new 6-man and one 12-man Dar Narbugud instances plus Epic Book 8.

The instances are:

  1. Water-Wheels - 3 man in the Waterworks,
  2. Hall of Mirrors - 3 man Lumul-nar in ZirakZigel,
  3. Hall of Crafting - 6 man in Flaming Deeps beside the forges and Fil Gashan,
  4. 12-man Dar Narbugud instances - 12 man raid in the Foundations of stone. The entrance to Dar Narbugud is actually next to DD. Just swing a left as you head to the entrance from the mustering horn and on over the bridge

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