Hall Of Mirrors Zirakzigel

Hall of Mirrors Lumul-nar ZirakZigel Instance

by M1sterZer0

New 3-man Lumul-nar Instance known as Hall of Mirrors is located near the fallen Balrog In ZirakZigel. Geared for three players, this instance opens up with players circling their way down into a massive pit to align a series of dwarven mirrors. The idea is to get each mirror positioned correctly to keep the light from above shining down into the pits. It's a very clever sort of puzzle that requires the player to choose the best angles for the mirrors, while also fending off attacks by massive wolves.

The notable mobs are:

* Frost Matrons, which have a corruption that needs to be removed or you get a massive AoE HoT that is quite difficult to power through.

* Swarming Bats, which, if not managed, can summon 12-15 1700 morale swarm-level bats which give the induction classes fits.

* Morroval Task-Mistress, which is a 45-second DPS race (her damage goes up by 10x if not killed in the first 45 seconds).

Meanwhile, you have to turn mirrors to redirect light into various doors (shining a light on a door opens it, and removing the light shuts said door). The puzzles are reasonably fun the first time around.

The final boss Ergoth involves alternating waves of fighting just the boss for about 20-30 seconds and then dealing with ~16 swarm adds that run in from the sidelines.





Great Hall

Hall Of Mirror

Hall Of Mirrors



Warg Matron