GWJ Conference Call

Yesterday, Shawn Andrich, ( had a great session with Cardell Kerr and David Lennon, both who work at Turbine on Lord of the Rings Online. They talked about the game's new features and some very interesting stuff about the MMO industry as a whole and the viability of the standard WoW formula moving forward.

Also, they talked about little secrets like:

* their favorite games
* their favorite class in Lotro,
* playing in Ettenmoors,
* a console version of LotRO,
* Turbine's biggest the Lord of the Rings fans

Edit by Beleglin:

The article on can be found at: We have removed the direct link to the mp3 file so get some traffic and not like it was before. We sincerely apologize for this mistake. The news editor that did this will be scrubbing floors in our bathroom for the next 2 weeks.

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