Change of Season

Yes, we know New Years was three months ago. Yes, we know Gandalf is still wearing his Christmas hat (in the picture in our header). Yes, we are getting rid of it. But, we wanted to do it in a more original way so in the next few days you'll be able to watch LotRO version of "How Grinch stole Christmas" the LotroLife way, by looking at our header pic. We will be changing the header every day or two for the next couple of days and will post it as a comic at the end. We are also approaching one year of LotRO and our site and will be making a whole new header for "Season 2" :). To make sure you get the latest header picture "force refresh" the home page (this can be done by holding CTRL and pressing F5 if you use Internet Explorer, or by holding CTRL+SHIFT and presing R key on your keyboard in Firefox).

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