Lotro Solo Play 40 60 Level 1

Solo Play, 40th - 60th Level

Rivendell and the Misty Mountains

Protected by the legendary House of Elrond, Rivendell and the Misty Mountains to the north are two of the most famous regions of Middle-earth where your hero can venture. Solo quests typically begin in Rivendell and move north and east toward the legendary birthplace of Durin the Deathless, First Father of the Dwarves.

The High Pass, one of the more noted locations from Tolkien lore is also a solo quest hub. It is where Thorin's party and Bilbo Baggins unlocked a way to Goblin-town. To make your way through the High Pass you'll need the help of Gloin, a member of Thorin's company and other NPCs, who'll start you on the quests Into the High-pass, Goblin Hunt, Against the Pack, and Thorkell has Fallen, as well as other solo opportunities on your way toward Goblin-town.

Goblin-town, a network of caves and tunnels beneath the High Pass, east of Rivendell, is one of the largest gatherings of these vile creatures in all of Middle-earth. It is also the place where Bilbo first confronted the creature Gollum and came into possession of the One-Ring. Quests center on slaying Goblins and Wargs and bringing down the bosses that rule here â including the Great Goblin. The quests are difficult, but possible if your hero is near 50th level. Quests to defeat the Goblin leader include: A Missing Scout; Down, Down to Goblin-town; Memory of the Wargs; Order from the Darkness; The Undiscovered Path; Bilbo's Buttons; and Leaders of the Deep.

The Quest Hubs of Moria

After completing Volume II, Book 1, your hero can delve into the Mines of Moria. The caverns of Moria are vast and seemingly endless, and throughout the sunless passages are many quests and opportunities to help the Dwarves of Khazad-dûm reclaim their ancestral home.

Once in Moria, your access to solo quests is immediate. In addition to gaining discovery Deeds as you explore these ancient halls, there are chances to net reputation with the Dwarves (which includes the Iron Garrison Guards) as they struggle against Orcs, Goblins, and other wild and savage creatures that dwell here. Many of these solo quests also offer the chance for Legendary Item experience, as the legendary weapons you gain become more powerful and take on lives of their own. Soloing throughout Moria can be broken down into different regions and levels, as well as including the lands to the east. Beware of the different creatures that inhabit these regions as you move through tunnels and caverns to quest hubs.

Western Moria

As you pass through the Doors of Durin and enter Moria, you'll find yourself in the western levels of the Great Delving and at the first of two hubs in this region, called Durin's Threshold. Look for the quests Welcome to Moria and In Pursuit to get you started. Through the tunnels to the east is Dolven-view, the second of the two hubs. Here you can obtain several quests for reputation with the Iron Garrison Guards: A Gleam the Gloom, Cleaning the Slate, and Clear Tunnels. Heroes of at least 51st level are needed to survive in The Great Delving.

Below the Great Delving stretch the western depths of the Silvertine Lodes. The Dwarves of the Iron Garrison ask you to scout and report on Goblin activity here, as well as thinning out their ranks and defeating their leader. Look for the quests The Mark of Loyalty, Know Thine Enemy, and Lawlessness Among Goblins. Heroes of at least 53rd level are needed to fight the Goblins and dangerous insects.

Deep below the Great Delving and the Silvertine Lodes are the flooded levels of the Water-works. These ancient floodgates were once used to cool the fiery forges of Khazad-dûm, but today are filled with deadly spiders, salamanders, and slimes. At the Rotting Cellar at the heart of the Water-works the Dwarves require help with the quests Lying in Wait, Churning Froth, and Dark and Shallow Water. In addition to earning more reputation with the Iron Garrison, these quests offer Item Advancement as well as rare Rune-keeper stones. The Water-works are not for the faint of heart, and heroes below 54th level should beware.

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