Lotro Solo Play 40 60 Level 2

Solo Play, 40th â 60th Level

Central Moria

North and east of the Great Delving are the passages of Durin's Way, where the Dwarves of the Iron Garrison struggle against the Orcs of the White-hand. At the Chamber of the Crossroads, the Dwarves struggle to establish their presence, and your hero can help by completing Drums of War, Stronghold of the Goblins, Shattered, and Likmund's Companions. To the east in Jazârgund, also known as the Stone Hall, the Dwarves ready themselves for reinforcements; help them with the quests Hope from the East and Crashing Down. These tasks are best completed once your hero has achieved at least 51st level.

As you travel south from Durin's Way youâll come upon the halls of Zelem-melek and the chambers of the Twenty-first Hall. The latter is where the Fellowship of the Ring discovered the Chamber of Mazarbul and fled the terror of the Balrog. In the monster's wake a tribe of Mordor Orcs have established camps outside of the Twenty-first Hall. You can assist the Dwarves of Zelem-melek with the quests A Multitude of Durub, Balin's Pride, and Lines of Power. Since these involve small mobs of Orc-kind, your hero should be at least 52nd level for these solo quests.

The Shadowy Abyss

Beneath the halls of Nud-melek and the Redhorn Lodes are the blood-stained caverns of the Shadowy Abyss and the deepest outpost of the Dwarvesâthe Shadowed Refuge. Dwarves and Elves fight a losing battle against the most powerful and vile servants of Dark Lord and Mazog. Your hero can help the Dwarves and Elves by taking on the quests Infestation, Eight-legged Insanity, Lurking in the Shadows, and Infected Samples. These are the most dangerous solo quests within the walls of Moria, and your hero should be 57th level or higher.

Dimrill Dale

The Eastern Gate of Moria is found beyond the Bridge of Khazad-dûm and the First Hall. It leads to Dimrill Dale, Lake Mirrormere and the lands of Lothlórien. Camped in the Nanduhirion is the last bastion of the Dwarves of Moria, trying to hold at bay the Orc-kind sending supplies to their kin beneath the mountains. The Dwarves have several hit-and-run quests here: Digging West and Sappers at the Stone. For those who have earned power within Moria and crested 58th level, the more difficult quests of Fuel for the Fire, Halting the Advance, and Silence of the Wargs present a great challenge.

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