Lotro Solo Play 40 60 Level

Solo Play, 40th â 60th Level

You might think that with the increased strength of Orcs, Goblins, Drakes, and other savage beasts that soloing is no longer an optionâquite the contrary! With the addition of the Moria expansion, opportunities for solitary play abound beneath the Misty Mountains in the lands the Dwarves once called Khazad-dûm.

Soloing Quests Before Moria

While you canât trace the path of the Fellowship of the Ring and begin your exploration of Moria until you've completed quests in the western lands of Eriador, youâre not required to follow that same path. You donât have to complete Volume I quests before you start on Volume II. Access to Moria is gated by the start of Volume II of the epic storyline. This series of solo quests leads up to the gates of Moria itself and prepares you for the challenges that lie ahead.

Below are some quest hubs where you can find solo adventuring.

Men of Bree

The lands of Bree have served as a stronghold of commerce and military might for the Race of Man since the start of the Third Age. Since the tragic fall of the lands of Arnor, the Men of Bree have kept a watchful eye on the evil festering in the hills of the Barrow-downs. With the rise of Lord Saruon, vile things have begun to stir once more.

The Men of Bree is a series of reputation quests that send your hero deep into the heart of the Barrow-downs and the dungeon of Haudh Iarchith. There are other lower level reputation quests, but you cannot access the barrow-wight infested catacombs of Haudh Iarchith by finishing them. The Hunters of Bree need help driving the evil from the dungeon and surrounding area, and the reputation gained from these quests can help your hero with crafting powerful items, gaining travel to neighboring regions, and accessing unique vendors.

To start this series, find Thomas Thistlewool near the Bree Vault who starts you on the quests Tad's Request and Thistlewool's Sullied Name. In addition, the Deed quests Brood-hunter and Grave-digger can be accomplished within the tunnels of Haudh Iarchith. Gaining reputation with the Men of Bree can get you swift access to Suri-kylä and the lands of Forochel.

Lossoth of Forochel

Forochel is a large expanse of ice and snow north of Evendim and Angmar, settled by a group of people known as the Lossoth. Solo quests here are for heroes of 44th through 50th level and involve building a rapport with the Lossoth. The primary town is Suri-kylä, located on the northern shores of the Ice Bay of Forochel; this is where most of the solo quests are. Hunters especially will find Forochel an excellent place for challenging adventures.

Within Forochel, you can also find several series of solo quests that can gain your hero reputation points with the Lossoth. There are many quests of every variety here, with the majority being kills and discovery â sending your hero into the frozen wastes in search of items. If your hero can achieve Ally or Kindred reputation level, you can gain access to a Superior Workbench used for crafting, several rare recipes, and even the ability to buy a tundra horse or pony. Other rewards include unique armor and weapons, housing decorations, and a few class-based items. Some of the quest-specific hubs in Forochel are:

  • Pynti-Peldot (45thâ46th): Help the kind folk of Pynti-Peldot stave off incursions by the savage tundra sabre-tooth in Cat-Tusk Scrimshaw . Pynti-Peldot is also rich in ore, which craftsmen can obtain by speaking with Turkka and completing Ore for the Forge. Earn rings as rewards in the solo quest arc A Midwinter's Thaw, where you help a happy couple get married in these dark times.

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