LOTRO Store Price Reductions and Name Changes

Today, you have probably noticed that many items in the LOTRO Store have new prices and names:

(1) Based on player feedback we have reduced the prices of many items- some prices have been reduced as much as 90%!
(2) The names of some items have been changed to better clarify what is being offered
(3) In an effort to reduce clutter in a number of categories, the quantity of stack sizes has been reduced. Many items are now sold only in stacks of 25, but at the cost of a stack of 5!

Some of the changes are:

  • Shared Storage and Wardrobe: prices lowered by 10-30%
  • Skirmishes: prices lowered by 20%
  • Regional Mounts: prices lowered by 20%
  • Currency Cap: prices lowered by 20%
  • Emotes: prices lowered by 34-65%

For a complete list of changes visit the official site.

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