Lone Lands Quests Group Lotro

Guide to the Lone Lands

by Reillan

This guide is intended for Full-group questing.

We have devided this guide into 3 parts:

  1. Solo Quests part 1: Phase 1 to Phase 3
  2. Solo Quests part 2: Phase 4 to Phase 9
  3. Group Quests

Group Phase 1: Group Quests at the Forsaken Inn

This section is absolutely full-fellowship for on-level characters.

There are 3 quests you need to pick up at the Forsaken Inn, and 1 quest you'll pick up along the way. Look for:

  • Weavers Beneath the Ruins (Hunulf Munce)
  • Our Greatest Find (Hunulf Munce)
  • The Goblin Leader (Constable Bram Ashleaf)

Head back into Minas Eriol via the northern (left) path, heading up the stairs to the east. When you reach the top, go around the hill to the left and up to the top. There, you will find Leofwenna. Talk to her and take A Daring Rescue, and escort her to safety.

Head back to the base of that hill. You'll see two bridges - one left, one right. If you keep going right rather than taking the right bridge, there is another brigde further on. Take that. Go straight across and turn left, toward the east. You'll basically only have one path available to proceed - follow it until you reach Nishruk, and take him out. Head back to the base of the hill and go north. You'll be able to dip down into a raveen for Weavers Beneath the Ruins. Come back to this point a third time and head across that left bridge. Go northeast and enter the ruins. Go straight down the hall and take the last right in the hall before it opens into a big room. That's where the statue is. Go back out, turn right, turn right again and head up the steps, then head out to the east. Bonus: for one of the exploration deeds you need, keep heading east after finishing Our Greatest Find and you'll come to a large bridge to nowhere. Walk across it and you'll get a location explored. You can drop down here or map back to the Forsaken Inn.

Group Phase 2: A Few Sparse Quests

You'll want to pick up the following:

  • Vol. I, Book 2, Chapter 3: Breeders of the Dead (Radagast the Brown)
  • Sever the White Hand (Gestr Quicksilver)
  • Master of the Lash (Frideric the Eldar)
  • Drawing the Pack (Old Mugwort back at the Forsaken Inn)
  • A Dwarf's Duty (Refr Quicksilver)
  • Elders in the Shadows (Tortwil)

You'll be visiting roughly the same places you did before. If you start at Ost Guruth, head west into Amon Ros and explore (If you're coming from the Forsaken Inn, hit this place after Ost Cyrn). The three spiders are fairly hard to find, but with a group of 6 you can brutally slaughter everything that gets in your way and and cover the place pretty quickly. No, I won't spoil that fun for you.

After killing the elite spiders, head west into Naerost. You can enter through the front near where I had you collecting treasure on the east end, or go around the west side to the north opening and head in the back way. The latter is a bit shorter in terms of the number of mobs you have to fight, but then again you do have to run all the way around. The basic rule of thumb is to keep heading upward - the mobs you need to kill are at the very top of Naerost.

Head due south and drop down into the valley to do Drawing the Pack. Clear the area around before using the tablet, as aggro is pretty easy here. This is an easy fight for a group of 2 or more, generally. Tank the boss, kill the wargs with him, then kill him.

Head southeast to Thandobel and start fighting elite dwarves. They pack a big punch, so don't assume that your full group can grind through 20 at a time. Take it slow until you know what you can handle. Here, you just have to wander around and kill dwarves, not any specific ones.

Head east into Ost Cyrn and kill orcs. The eastern entrance has a stairway angled southwest, go up this and keep climbing. Your target is at the top. You'll still have to kill 20 other orcs to finish the quest, so don't be afraid of killing everything in your path.

Leave and head into Haragmar, going up the gentle slope this time. Look for the elite gaunts (some are found on the slopes, some are found at the keep to the east at the top of the slope). Take them out and return to Ost Guruth.

A final group quest will open up - Enemies of the Eglain from Refr Quicksilver. Go to the road and head west, past Thandobel to the south, and you'll come to Mithrenost. You're looking for a Dourhand Overseer. Take him out and return to Ost Guruth.

Turn in your quests and Frideric-warp to Trestlebridge.

Group Phase 3: Garth Agarwen

Full-fellowship only. You might need at least one higher-level character for some content.

Pick up in Ost Guruth:
Vol. I, book 2, Chapter 8: The Red-pass (Radagast the Brown)

Run through this chapter and you will be auto-ported to Agamaur when it ends. Take all of the following:

  • Dead Water (Eriac the Strong)
  • Friend of Hares (Radagast the Brown, only if you're an LM)
  • The Tainted Living (Radagast the Brown)
  • Vessel of Purity (Dannasen)
  • Rings of Rhudaur (Radagast the Brown)
  • Rhudaur's Traitors (Dannasen)

Unfortunately, I do not know Garth Agarwen well enough to write up a guide for running through its quests, but I do know that those are the only 6 quests you can pick up at this point. You should still have:

  • The Shattered Past (Aric the Stone-Speaker)
  • Fell Spirits (Emelin)

From Harloeg. When you finish these quests, return to Agamaur and pick up:

  • Friend of Turtles (Radagast the Brown, only if you're an LM)
  • Angmar's Dead (Eriac the Strong)
  • Merciful Release (Radgast the Brown)
  • A Sister's Love (Dannasen)
  • Proof's Burden (Dannasen)

You'll actually have to leave and travel back to Harloeg to turn in the two quests from there and Proof's Burden, and pick up Long Overdue Justice from Emelin. Return to Garth Agarwen to do these 5 quests.

When those are finished, you'll be able to finally do:

  • Reclaim the Lost Maiden (Dannasen)
  • Friend of Sparrows (Radagast the Brown, only if you're an LM)
  • Cutting off the Hand (Eriac the Strong)
  • Fallen Oak (Radagast the Brown)

If anyone can write up a good guide on Garth Agarwen, I'd appreciate it.

Take Chapter 9 and go back to Ost Guruth to turn it in.

We have devided this guide into 3 parts:

  1. Solo Quests part 1: Phase 1 to Phase 3
  2. Solo Quests part 2: Phase 4 to Phase 9
  3. Group Quests