Burglar Changes 2

Burglar changes - sneak peak part I

by Zombie Columbus

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(by Hellfanger)

A new tier of Signal recipes will be added to loot. They will be more potent then the previous tier in two ways:
1- The cooldown will decrease from 15m to 10m.
2- Exploit Opening will now apply the Signal buff to the Burglars fellowship when used.

Cunning Attack and Well-placed Strike have been buffed:
1- Cunning attack will apply a stronger DoT on critical hits, and a mauch stronger DoT on from Stealth critical hits.
2- Well-placed Strike deals much more damage on it's positional hit.
3- The Cunning Wound trait will increase the damage of both skilsl by more then before.

Gambles have had their mechanics altered and rebalanced.
1- No longer is there a countdown wait until the Gamble's effect hits. Gambles will apply their full effects immediately. All skills that have added benefits when striking Gambled targets will be able to trigger durring this time.
2- All Gambles last 15 seconds on their targets now. Disabaling Gambles, which apply dazes/stuns of various durations, will have a seperate "Gamble" effect on them that lasts for 15 seconds, which will allow skills to trigger.
3- A new FX of a rolling die will appear when a gamble is applied. The number rolled on the die will be the tier of Gamble applied.
4- The tier of Gamble rolled will more consistently be potent.
Signals are now in the Ranged Slot