Burglar Changes

Book 7 - Book 8: Burglar changes

by Zombie Columbus

1) What is our role in Groups Supposed to be?

I'm not going to answer this the way many want. The Burglar is a complicated class who can serve many roles. Anything I say in answer to this question will serve only to pidgen-hole a class with a large amount of depth. The sub-questions listed below will all be answered because frankly, all of them are your roles. Burglars are capable of DPS, debuff, CC, FM, off tanking, stealth and some very specilized utility all at the same time. They are not listed as Advanced because they are straightforward.

Before I start answering specific questions below, let me say that the changes for Book 7 are basicly done. I've listed them before, so I won't go over them much more right now. Some of the questions below are issues that may be changed, but not till Book 8.

If the answer is Debuffs:

1) Are we going to get any AOE debuffs?
There are no plans for this in Book 7, but it is an axis of development I'm considering for the future. Remember, Dust in the Eye is already AOE when traited.

2) Any a legendary that combines 2 debuffs into one big one? (like the Minstrel combined buff)
No plans currently, but I like the idea a lot.

3) Legacies that effect our debuffs? (like captains)
We are not planning on making any legacy changes till Book 8. I've already started looking through the whole of Burglar legacies and seeing where there is room for improvement. No promises yet though Also, I believe there are already some legacies that effect Tricks in a few ways.

4) Traits that increase our debuff effectiveness?
There are already a full suite of traits for debuffs.

5) Gambles getting a massive upgrade?
Yes they are. I apologize for not sharing the details for the Gamble changes sooner as I promised, but some last minute changes crept in, and I didn't want to post antiquated information.

If the answer is Crowd Control:

1) Will the Riddle Bug be fixed? (see this thread for Hakai confirmation)
I talked about this already, and the issues around it. There is no easy fix as of now. I can't tell you more, because I'm still not sure what to do. Though, the issue is compounded by the fact that few people even agree what IS wrong with Riddle.

2) Will we get a functional Root? (as in ranged, not at the end of a crit chain?)
Current plan is to change Small Snag into a different, not-rooting form.

3) AOE Root? (or the same root, simply traited?)

4) Upgrade to our Riddle or Confound? (such as being able to affect additional mob types etc)
I believe Riddle and Confound have enough upgrades avalible. Additionaly, the mob type restriction is rather soft in Moria, as most of what you fight IS humanoids.

5) Content changes removing the numerous riddle immunities?
Specific examples would help here. Content should only be adding MEZ immunity in cases where mez would make a fight too easy. Usualy in Boss fights, where mez may still be used on adds. Such immunities are usualy part of a full CC immunity package though, not just to counter the Burglar.

If it is Conjunction Starting:

1) Upgrade to Exploit Opening? (irresistible, aoe, longer stun, etc.)
I fail to see the need to buff a skill this good. Giving Burglars more ability to initiate FM's is completely out of the question. See comments on Signals however...

2) Upgrade to conjunctions? (pretty sure the dev chat was clear this isnt happening)
Correct, FM's (conjunctions) will not be getting a acrtoss the board upgrade any time soon. Though, I'd like to point out that FM's were not nerfed so much as not buffed. They continue to grow in power at the same rate from 50-60 as they did from 1-50. Does this mean that with the increased monster HP and weapon damage scaling that FM's are weaker, relativly speaking, then they were? Yes. Does this mean they are nerfed and not worth doing? No.
I am utterly unconvinced that participating in a FM's is a waste of time. Healing and Power restoration is massive, and damage is still AOE. Also, the argument that FM's suck up 6 whole seconds of valuable DPS time does not jije with any experiences with FM's I've had. When I'm DPSing, I wait a good 4 or 5 seconds before hitting the symbol, neting me much more damage then if I had ignored the FM.

3) Ranged slot items or toggle skills/skills that bring the damage on conjunctions up to Moria scale?
Now we're talking. Signals will be buffed in Book 7.

Everything Else:

1) Legendary Trait review? Specifically, give us traits we actually need to choose amongst (like the Hunters), as opposed to picking the ones that suck the least?
The legendary Traits are being buffed in Book 7.

2) If not answered above, how do you intend to address our waning group desirability?
Burglars perceived "waning" group desirability is largely due to factors external to them. DPS has increased and content has been designed for speed runs, causing some players to believe that utility/control classes are not useful. That all said, I still believe Burglars to be a valuable addition to a group (I've grouped with them, no complaints). I believe this issue to be perception to a large degree, and that much of the talk in this forum has helped to disenfranchise Burglars. That said, part of the issue is also a paradigm shift in LOTRO. I have already laid out many of the Book 7 and future changes for Burglars. See the next question for the other side of the coin.

3) If not answered above, how do you intend to address the widening gap between the classes (Namely Hunters/Champs vs Everyone else)
Yes. We are aware of how much weaker utility/CC classes feel with DPS as high as it has become. Such considerations are a bit out of the scope of this post though, and are not finalized.

4) Gamble plans?
The Gamble changes hinge on two design philosophies:
1- Make Gambles effect foes sooner
2- Make Gambles more predictable (perhaps an oxymoron )

5) New skills/legendary trait plans? Specifically, are you just going to remove the cooldowns (because that would probably do the trick on all of them save the root one, holy **** that's awful).
Improved Feint Attack would be hideously overpowered with no cooldown, as would Lucky Strike (with the new changes).

6) Traits review? Specifically bring many of the completely useless traits into some state of desirability, instead of just something you slot to get the trait line benefits.
Being considered.