Book 7 Burglar Changes

Book 7 Burglar changes - sneak peak part 2

by Zombie Columbus

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Book 7 Burglar set
Book 7 Burglar set - beta screenshots

(by Hellfanger)

Can we have another sneak peek?!!
Yes, yes you may:

  • Based on testing, the Cunning Attack stack chance legacy was reduced from 100% down to 66%. This is still a 6X improvement over live. 100% stack chance with the short recovery of the skill and the other improvements proved to be much too strong.
  • No change on Riddle was made. I was not able to identify any realistically actionable fixes to the perceived problems with this skill.

"But that was all bad news!"
Sortta... Cunning Attack is still being greatly buffed and Riddle is still an instant cast 30 second mez.
::blank look::
Hey, Riddle is a great skill! Best I can tell, the main complaint about it is that a Mischief stance Riddle misses the ability to chain mez by around 3 seconds. You can more then make that difference up with the Perplexing Riddle trait!
::knives are slowly drawn::
Woah now! I'm going to keep seeing if I can do anything with it. In the meantime, I have other sneak peeks I think you'll like much more.
::knives are half-returned::

  • Provoke will now redirect MUCH more threat onto your targets target then before.
  • "Spatial Sense" and "Strategic Planning" reduces recovery by 60 more seconds.
  • "Confound the Fools" upgraes Confound to effect 2 additional targets.
  • Mischief-maker 2 and 3 set bonuses have been buffed.


  • Seize the Initiative will now reset the 3 new crit chain ender skills.

::knives are put away::