Book 7 Rune Keeper Changes

Book 7 Rune-Keeper changes

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Book 7 Rune-keeper set
Book 7 Rune-keeper set - beta screenshots

(by Hellfanger)

  • Damage for level 1-20 has been increased.
  • Do Not Fall to Storm / Flame / Winter now have FX and sound hooked up.
  • The Rune-keeper now has a Rift weapon available at Iorelenâs Camp.
  • The glow around the Rune-keeper attunement display now dissipates appropriately.
  • â+ Mending Verse Healingâ Legacy now benefits the heal over time as well as the initial heal.
  • Tale of Frost and Flame text string was reading as Tale of Frost and Flameâs Battle. This has been fixed.
  • All Writs have had induction time reduced to .75. Each Writ has a trait to reduce its recovery time by 2 seconds.
  • Many tooltips have been made more readable.
  • Some damaging IA Legacies have been slightly increased in potency.
  • Attunement bonuses â All skills that were modified by attunement levels have had the modifications reduced or removed. Any such reductions were added to the base functionality of the skills.
    • Example: Scribeâs Spark used to deal +4% damage per Attunement step. It now deals only +2% per step, but deals +18% damage at all Attunements.
  • Solitary Thunder â Slight damage increase and slight power increase. Set bonuses have been modified.
    • Ceaseless Argument is now a 0 Attune required skill and bypasses some tactical resistance.
    • Essence of Storm is now a 6 Attune required skill. Its damage, cost, critical bonus and recovery time have all increased.
    • Epic Conclusion now bypasses all tactical resistance. Its base damage has increased, power cost reduced and critical multiplier has been removed.
    • Perfect Imagery â Applies a short duration critical hit chance buff.
    • Stormy-temper â Now increases critical chance instead of damage.
    • Thunderous Words and Harsh Debate â Now applies self buffs instead of targeted debuffs.
    • Winter-storm â Now has a 5% chance to stun foes suffering from Writ of Cold.
  • Wrath of fire â All skills deal more damage, based on induction length. All DoTâs deal additional damage on crit (making +Tactical Crit much more desirable to Fire-traited Rune-keepers). Set bonuses have been modified.
    • Distracting Flame deals more damage and has a shorter induction time. Mystifying Flame deals significantly more damage and reduces the foeâs tactical resistance.
  • Benedictions of Peace â Some slight power cost reductions. Set bonuses have been modified.
    • Word of Exaltation â Reduced to 40%, duration extended. Trait increases reduction to 50% and extends duration.
    • Rousing Words â No longer heals via In-Combat-Morale bonus. Duration and recovery time shortened.
    • Rune of Restoration can now be renamed! When traited, those healed by both Rousing words and the Rune of Restoration will receive bonus healing.
    • Fates Entwined â Reduced recovery time, increased usage cost (not upkeep).
  • Other Skill and Trait changes
    • Calming Verse â Trait will now increase healing and damage done while under the effects of Calming Verse.
    • Writ of Cold â Now debuffs 5% attack speed per tier. Deals more damage.
    • Do Not Fall This Day â Duration increased to 60s.
    • Armour of X â Flame and Frost Armours were buffed.
    • Fall to X â All Fall To skills have increased proc chances.
  • Legendary Changes
    • Martial Training no longer increases attack speed. Weapon damage increased. Now adds to Morale, Power and power regen.
    • Fall to Our Wrath now reduces Tactical Resistance and stacks with other Fall to skills.
    • Steady Hands â Induction time reduced to 1.5 seconds
  • New Rune-keeper item recipes have arrived! Metalsmiths can now craft chisels, which Rune-keepers can equip in their ranged item slots to provide increased damage. Rune-keeper trainers, as well as Novice and Expert Metalsmith NPCs, sell most of these recipes. More advanced recipes can be found in treasure!
  • New Rune-keeper consumable item recipes have arrived! Scholars can now craft inlays and enamels, which can be used to temporarily enhance the Rune-keeperâs abilities. These recipes can be purchased from Rune-keeper trainers, as well as Novice and Expert Scholar NPCs.