Lotro Book 7 Vol 2

Book 7 Changes - Rune-Keeper

by Zombie Columbus
The Lord of the Rings Online Team
Turbine, Inc.

Update Info - 01-23-2009

The Rune-keeper is gaining three new items in Book 7. As before, magnitudes are not being discussed, as they change often, and any of these may change as Book 7 draws closer.

Chisel: This Ranged slot item can be crafted by Metalsmiths and will be sought after by all Rune-keepers. Higher quality chisels allow a Rune-keeper to etch more detailed and intricate runes on their stones. Doing so will passively increase damage and chances of avoiding resistance. To be clear, this is NOT a range weapon, just a item that resides in the Ranged slot.

Inlays: Various metallic inlays can be created by Scholars and quickly applied to a Rune-stone. These are not simply cosmetic, as they will harden the Rune-stone, allowing the next induction skill to have reduced power cost and to be uninterruptable.

Enamels: Enamels of a few different colours will also be craftable by Scholars. These enamels brighten the colour of a rune-stone, making it attune further in whatever direction it is already moving.

Here is the currently being tested skill and trait modifications. Not yet posted: Legacy changes, Ranged slot item, Consumables. Consider this list the "high water mark" for the potential updates. The final set of changes will likely be lesser then this, depending on testing and whatnot.

Overall, I'm trying to make some unused skills more interesting, add some new combinations of traits/skills and much needed damage output increase. As much as possible, the increases in net power are in traits or trait sets.
As in the past, consider this list a preview only.

General bugs:
The Chill of Winter Debuff duration Legacy now works on Chilling Rhetoric.
Sound FX for Scribes Spark, Essence of Storm and Ceaseless Argument have been toned down
The Affinity of a rune-stone is now more clearly written
Damage and Healing amounts are increased at level 1-19
Rune of endurance can now be renamed
Tooltips of many skills have been updated
All Writs have induction time reduced to .75s

Attunement change:
Effects of attunement on various scalar effects on skills have been lessened. The reduced benefits at full attunement have been put into the base version of the skills:
Scribes Spark and Fiery Ridicule now provide only 2% damage per attunement.
Chilling Rhetoric no longer increases damage by attunement.
Prelude to Hope provides only 2% healing per attunement.
Scathing Mockery does not hit additional targets.
Writ of Fire does not have itâs Power cost reduced.
Mending Verse does not have itâs Power cost reduced.
Words of Exaltation does not increase itâs duration (now 3s base).
EX) Scribes Spark dealt 4% damage per attunement (max of 36%.) It now deals 18% more base damage then it did in the past, and maxes out at +18% attunement damage, leaving itâs optimal DPS the same.

Solidary Thunder:
Overall, not intended to be much of a boost in power, but some more variety in the gameplay is being introduced (Essence of Storm is less spammy, but stronger). Also, Some of the importance of critical hits is being mitigated, while an emphasis on self buffs over target buffs should help group play (ie: the buff from Thunderous Words effects the RK now, so it will last between mob kills.) Random chance is still an important theme in this line.

Ceaseless Argument: Increased chance to penetrate tactical resistance, a slight damage decrease and itâs attunement requirement set to No Heal (like Essence of Storm is now). Will not be a starting skill.
Essence of Storm: Base damage increased, itâs critical multiplier increased to 100%, itâs attunementit requirement to 6B, Recovery increased to 10 seconds. Will not be gained at level 6.
Shocking Words has itâs attunement requirement set to 3 Battle. Will not be at level 10.
Epic Conclusion: Removed the Critical hit damage bonus. Now bypasses even more Tactical Resistance. Base damage increased. Power cost reduced.

Confounding Principles: Grants some Tactical Resistance penetration. Only dazes for 10-15 seconds.
Thunderous Words and Harsh Debate: The debuff is now a self buff of +Lightning Damage or +Tactical Penetration, and is applied a flat 25%, not based on critical hits.
Closing Remarks: Epic Conclusion now combos off of the buffs on yourself. No longer increases critical hit chance. Reduced Recovery by 45s.
Winter-storm: Remade to now give Fury of Storm skills a 5% chance to stun for 5s on foes with Writ of Cold active.

2 Set bonus: Also decreases the recovery of Chilling Rhetoric by 10s.
3 Set Bonus: Now only 25% increased damage on critical hits. Also reduces Shocking Words Recovery by 5s.
4 Set Bonus: Increased to 4% per Attunement step.
Legendary Trait: Daze time now 10-15s. No longer increases damage. Puts a buff on the RK that increases Critical Hit chance of lightning skills by 25% for 15s.

Wrath of Fire:
Damage of many Wrath of Fire skills is increasing by around 10%. Fiery Ridicule is getting an interesting new trait for Fire speced RK's. Calming Verse is receiving some updates to make it more desirable.

Fiery Ridicule: Power Cost reduction.
Smouldering Wrath: Slight Damage decrease.

Conflagration of Runes: No longer reduces induction of Fiery Ridicule, or itâs Power Cost. Now deals 10% bonus damage for each other Wrath of Fire skill the RK has burning on the target.
Writ of Blazing Fire: Reduces recovery of Writ of Fire by 2s.
Master of Connotation: Slight increase.
Scathing Retort: Damage increase.
Frost-burn: Reduces recovery of Writ of Cold by 2s.
Linnod of Subtlety: Also increases Tactical resistance penetration.

2 Set Bonus: Also decreases induction of Fiery Ridicule by .5s
3 Set Bonus: Bonus removed. Now Reduces Essence of Flame Recovery by 5s. Adds 2 pulses to Essence of Flame.
Legendary Trait: Distracting Flame now reduces Tactical Resistance while on target.

A few tweaks, mainly to give a touch more AOE healing.

Mending Verse: +2% Healing per Attunement.
Word of Exaltation: Reduced to 40% damage reduction. Duration is now 3s base, +2 per Writ tier.
Rousing Words: Now heals straight morale every second instead of ICMR. Still generates no threat. Generates additional Healing attunement. Duration reduced to 6s. Recovery reduced to 20s.
Our Fates Entwined: Recovery reduced to 30s.
All Fates Entwined: Recovery reduced to 10s.

Master of Allusion: Also adds 5% reduced healing costs.
Author of Exaltation: Only increases damage reduction by 10% now. Increases duration of buff by 3s.
Terse Narrative: -15% Power Cost.
Linnod of Peace:
Increased healing while active.
Rune of Endurance: More bonus health. Rune heals additional if healing a target under the effects of Rousing Words.
Writ of Well-being: Reduces recovery of Writ of Health by 2s.

2 Set Bonus: Also increased healing on Rune of Restoration.
3 Set bonus: Now only 10% cost reduction. Also Mending Verse has 2 more pulses.
Legendary Trait:
Puts a +5% healing done buff on the RK for as long as the incoming healing buff is active.

Other Skills:
Essence of Winter: Small damage boost.
Writ of Cold: Reduced debuff to 5% per tier.
Do Not Fall This Day: Duration increased to 45s.
Armour of X: Flame and Frost have increase proc chances. Storm is left alone.
Calming Verse: Shifts 2 attunement.

Legendary Traits:
Martial Training: No longer increases attack speed. Increases critical hit damage. Increases Parry rating. Increases Evade rating. More Melee damage bonus.
Fall to Our Wrath: Recovery reduced to 30s. Power Cost greatly reduced. Now reduces Tactical Resistance like the other âFall to Xâ skills.
Steady Hands: Induction time now 1.5s.