Lotro Leveling Guide

Leveling from 1 - 60 by Elowyn
Captain, Heroes Kinship, Firefoot Server

As always with great ideas and guides - another perfectly done job by Elowyn. We can't say anything else but THANK YOU. We think this will be extremely helpful for all of us.

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Where Do I Go? Leveling from 1 - 60

We've all wondered where do we go next. So here's a helpful guide on where to go along with the locations of each of these areas. Important Tip is to turn on "Always Loot All" (press "Esc" key for Options > click UI Settings > scroll towards very the bottom and check the box for "Always Loot All"), you can immediately grab all that satisfyingly hefty loot from fallen foes with just a single click of your mouse.


Level 1 - 13

For the first few levels (1-5) you can complete Tutorials and Introduction to get some armor and weapons. After completing the Introduction quests, depending on the race you chose you will start out in your Starting Region:

  • Elves: Cellondim/Duillond/Gondoman
  • Dwarves: Thorin's Gate/Nogland/Gondoman
  • Hobbits: Michel Delving/Hobbiton/Overhill/Brokenborings
  • Humans: Archet/Combe/Staddle

Also don't forget to finish Epic - Prologue to Volume I, Book 1 quests. These quests provide a lot of XP and gear upgrades. Also don't forget to get Your Very Own Mount.

Level 13 - 15:

My recommendation is to travel to one of the 10 - 13 level cities and complete quests there. They will be green and will get you levels rather quick.

Elves/Dwarves: Swift travel to Bree and complete quests in Combe (8-10) or Staddle (12-14)

Humans/Hobbits: Swift travel to Cellondim and complete quests in Duillond (9-10) or Gondoman (10-15)


Level 15 - 17:

At this point I would head to Breeland. One of the first quests is A Tour of Bree, alonge with several others Welcome to Bree-town quests. Completing these quests will unlock the quests outside the West Bree gate. Find quests within Bree and at Adso's Camp (29S, 56.8W), Buckland (33.3S, 62.4W), and Falco's Folly (26S, 53.9W). You should also be able to work through Book 1 very easily.

Click here for a Book One Walkthrough.

Adso's Camp will have you running around the Southern Bree-fields. Buckland will send you into the Old Forest, after that go to North Bree-fields.


Level 17 - 20:

Do solo quests from the Forsaken Inn located in the Lone-lands. More help with Lone-Lands Quests you can find in Lone-Lands Guide.
Also, Skirmishes open up at level 20.

The first few quests in the Barrow-downs are solo's, but they quickly turn into quests that you will need to complete with fellowships. All of these quests will eventually end with a series of instanced quests in the games first major instance, The Greater Barrows. This instance is designed for level 21 - 25 in my opinion.
You should also be able to complete Book 1 during these levels.


Level 21 - 25:

Now to begin Book 2. Click here for a Book 2 Walkthrough. You should also begin trying to get into a Greater Barrows run. There are several quests here to complete.

Go back to Lone Lands to continue your Lonelands quests. If you work through some of the Fellowship quests during these levels you should easily hit 25 without having to travel to Trestlebridge. But if you are running a bit low you can begin a few quests at Trestlebridge in the Northdowns (head north out of Bree following the road).


Level 25 - 30:

At this point the Northdowns will be your primary home for awhile. You can complete quests in Trestlebridge, Amon Raith (12.6S, 52.8W), Meluinin (13.7S, 44.9W), Othrikar (6.9S, 44.9W) and Esteldin (9.7S, 42.1W). The Northdowns is full of quests and you shouldn't have a tough time completing most of them.

You should also complete Book 2 during your last few levels back in the Lonelands. When you complete this book a series of quests in the region of Agamaur will open up (29.7S, 27.3W). These quests lead to the instance of Garth Argawen. I would begin these quests around level 32.

You can begin Book 3 in the Northdowns during this time as well.

Click here for a Book 3 Walkthrough.


Level 31 - 35:

Now you have the chance to travel to Esteldim. You can begin quests in Oatbarton (23.4S, 67.4W). You can also begin running Garth Argwen back in the Lonelands if you like. During this time I would finish Book 3 as well. When you are about to turn in vol.1. book 3. chapter 7. to Aragorn in Rivendell do the quests at S.Trollshaws and Bruinen Gorgesand you will get a level or two (Thanks Natrex!).

With the latest Evendim Revamp a lot of solo quests has been added to this area:
Oatbarton covers 30-31 levels
Dwaling covers 31-32 levels
Colossus covers 32-33 levels
Tinnudir covers 33-34 levels


Level 35 - 40:

This was actually one of the toughest grinds for me, but with the release of Evendim it has become amazingly easier! You can finish up your quests at Tinnundur and go north to Ost Forod for a few more quests. You can also begin on Book 4.
At around 38 you can find a group for the next major instance, Fornost, located north of Amon Raith in Northdowns.

Ost Forod covers 35-36 levels
Eavespires covers 36-37 levels
Way of Kings covers 37-38 levels
Echad Garthadir covers 38-40 levels

If you need to grind some experience you can always spend some time just outside of Rivendell grinding on the easier mobs for decent, albeit not great, experience.


Level 40 - 50:

At this point you've several options. Angmar, the Misty Mountains, Goblin Town, Forochel and Evendim. Angmar has quests in Lehma-Koti (3S, 39.1W), Auguhair (3N, 39.5W), and South Angmar. Misty Mountain quests are mostly found in Rivendell or Gloin's Camp (24.9S, 3.8W). You should visit Goblin town at 43-44, finish book V and start book VI in Misty Mountain and Angmar and don't forget Forochel around 45-50 level. Of course ability to solo in areas will depend on class. Evendim instances have had their starting level lowered to 40 to match the new level of the surrounding landscape. The epic that takes place here remains level 50, and should work entirely as a level 50 experience as it uses many instances and unique mobs.

Books VII - XI are waiting for you and also Goblin Town, and Rift.

You can also travel to the Ettenmores to take part in PvMP as part of the Free Peoples.
There are a number of instances that are available as well.


Level 48 - 50:

The quests in Eregion are around 48-53 . Get legendary at Echad Dunann as early as 45.


Level 50 - 60:

Moria Zone Levels (Thanks Smashkilleat)

50-53 - The Great Delving (Durin's Threshold, Dolven-view)
51-54 - Silvertine Lodes (Deep Descent)
52-56 - Western Durin's Way (Chamber of the Crossroads)
55-57 - The Waterworks
55-58 - Redhorn Lodes (Orc-watch), Central Durin's Way, Zelem-Melek (21st Hall)
56-58 - Flaming Deeps, Nud-Melek
58-62 - Eastern Durin's Way, Foundations of Stone
58-63 - Dimrill Dale, Lothlorien

Generally, it's a good idea to follow the Volume 2 epic quest. It duplicates a lot of the regular quests, killing the same monsters. Book 3 is the only problem...it might take you through zones that are a bit high for you if you're just entering Moria. The epic takes you through the zones in this order:

Volume 2 Books by Zone
Book 1: Walls of Moria (Eregion)
Book 2: The Great Delving, Silvertine Lodes
Book 3: Zelem-melek, Silvertine Lodes, Redhorn Lodes, Nud-melek
Book 4: Durin's Way, The Waterworks, Silvertine Lodes, Flaming Deeps
Book 5: Nud-melek
Book 6: Foundations of Stone, Dimrill Dale
Book 7: Lothlorien, Durin's Way
Book 8: Lothlorien, Waterworks, Foundations
Book 9: Mirkwood


Read more details about regions and quests for 40th-60th level

There are always extra places and other options that become available to you as you make your way through Eriador. Good luck on your adventures as you rise to the top to reclaim Middle Earth for the Free Peoples.

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34 Responses to Lotro Leveling Guide

  1. avatar parker says:

    What is the highest level?

  2. avatar AwesomemanFTW says:

    Gr8 guide, even though I wont use it it’s great!

  3. avatar akash says:

    Great guide helped me alot in difficult times…great job Cheers!!!

  4. avatar husaragi says:

    I would also add that the daily skirmish solo quests….TONS of xp and doesnt take a ton of time to run though them once a day.

  5. avatar Dylan says:

    Nice guide. After four years I have some habits that seem hard to break, but I have at least added skimishes to lvl faster. Around 15 after the Staddle/Ados Camp/Shire border area I seem to go North Breeland to Barrows to Trestlebridge which at least gets me to 20….then the initial skirmish quests and the first two dailies get me to 22 lol. Then I finish book two after buying my mount at hengstacers (while still in the area!) and then take the horse from the rangers house directly to weathertop where I can start on book 2.
    There are quite a few quests right there at his camp, so there’s lvl 23. he gives you a quest to go to the Forsaken Inn and gives you a quick (immediate) horse to get there. Then I work my way across the Lonelands till maybe 30 and then go back to Northdowns after making the run to Rivendell (seems like there’s a quest or two there in the 30-35 range if memory serves…and I know a later one sends you to evendim and you _have_ to have it for the other quest line to open up there) then I finish up ND and get the knife from the earth kin camp on the way to Angmar and open that horse route then go back to the Trollshaws and do those first quests and visit Rivendell again and go to evendim (to tinnindur first)…run back toward oatbarton and do all the desert quests then the rest of Evendum …..and then its a toss up between the rest of the trollshaws (always visit Echad Candellaith! nice bow and gear) and Angmar and MM. I typically save Forochel for right before Eregion.
    Book quests Always get priority, since now you can solo everything, and I always just drop everything else that turns light blue or green. Lots of money from the book quests too. Free white horse if you finish all of Vol 1 plus other uber rewards. I personally don’t like Moria all that much due to a dislike of caves (and dwarves, sorry) so I get up as far as I can with the initial quests and at 56 or 57 start to work on Lothlorien rep. At that point you pretty much are going Loth to Mirk to Enedwaith
    One point that should be mentioned, since you can get your first legendary at 46, you will want to go to the Moors right after you get it since you can get it to lvl 9 in just a few minutes just by the introductory quests out there.
    Long post, but LOTRO is down now heheh

  6. avatar Kitty says:

    What lvl Are you guys on lotro????

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  8. avatar Melrethel says:

    Daily skirmishes can help alot also until 50ish

    Thanks for moria parts helped alot!!!!!


  9. avatar Natrex says:

    What about the Trollshaws at lvl 30+? doing the quests at S.Trollshaws and Bruinen Gorges should give a level or two.
    I always do those quests when i’m about to turn in vol.1. book 3. chapter 7. to Aragorn in Rivendell.

    • avatar Silriel says:

      I totally forgot to add this idea to the guide. Thanks for reminding us!

      • avatar Natrex says:

        As for the Grinding at the end of lvl 35-40 i would now recomand Annuminas. The mobs there are around 40 (as far as i can remember). They give good experience and some nice loots (like rep items, coins, recipes and armour).

  10. avatar blubirdx says:

    i need a good lotro account please i will lvl it up big time if its past lvl 20

  11. avatar Maeve says:

    I have been looking and looking so please forgive me but I have a question…..are there specific classes that do better at certain vocations than others?

  12. avatar doggerclaw says:

    I think my character is Lv. 20 or so…

  13. avatar Alistrien says:

    I am currently a level 11 Elf, Lore Master.
    I go to Bree a lot, and have completed a lot of quests there.
    I have also gone to Archet and Combe a lot, and finished up some quests there too.
    I still have a few quests back in Celondim, where I currently “live”
    Which Region is best for me?
    I am going to purchase a Horse Bundle from the LOTRO store, so I can ride where ever I want without spending so much silver coins. Do you think that will help with quests?

    • avatar Sterling says:

      At level 11 bree’s a good place to be. Just finish the quests all around the different areas of bree at or within a level or so of your current level. The shire and erid luin are okay too, just keep finding quests around your level to be getting the best amount of xp. Regarding the horse idea, you’re definitely gonna need to purchase a mount and the ride skill as soon as you can because you’ll end up riding everywhere. However, you’ll start rolling in the silver and gold coins really fast by pretty much everything you do, so use swift travel when you can to get to places faster, and your mount when its not available.

  14. avatar Unetikk says:

    what if you did quests above your level by 2 or 3 if you’re in the 50s like I did? do you go back and finish earlier quests?

  15. avatar Cris says:

    I am level 20 elf,playing the landroval server,but i noticed before with an earlier account that you cant level up fast after you’ve reached level 32 without paying for maps and so. Does anyone knows a way to level up in anyway in a bit of speed :P???

  16. avatar Glafe says:

    I just started playing again. I am starting a new hobbit hunter. does anyone know how to redownload mirkwood. I bought it as a digital download when it first came out but I had to reinstall the game.

  17. avatar Sean says:

    this dosent help if your ftp after lvl 32 you are all out of quests, lots of grinding in your future, i got to lvl 56 guardian and lvling is so slow now im trudging through skirmshes and repeatables are allthat keep me going, moria seems to dngerous to grind there cause of (mobbing) so what do i do?

  18. avatar Sean says:

    (lvl 56 man guardian, 20 dwarf runekeeper,8 man burgular world imladris, An Unexpected Kinship)(lvl 32 elf loremaster,28 man hunter, world Silverlode) (rk5 reaver Seantitis world imladris) im me if ya want

  19. avatar Domnar says:

    Im a lvl 13 Rk in combe should I go to bree or keep going in combe. If im to stay in combe what are some recomended quests that i should do.

  20. avatar Bryn says:

    The new cap will apperantly be lvl 85 in september,there is also a rumar thata new class will be added.

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