Wolves Old Forest

Old Forest Wolves

When we made Wolves of the Old Forest comic we had this great response from the community that had one thing in common - everybody agreed that that was the highest number of wolves they've seen in one place in all of the Old Forest.

We knew that something had to be done about that and therefore we decided on combing the place for wolf spawns and present you with coordinates of all the wolves we could find. The quest is given by Hodric Bracegirdle in Buckland on Brandy Hill. We also include the approximate location of a rare wolf spawn that we managed to stumble upon called Shadowfoot.

Quest description follows:

Quest: Forest Wolves
Description: Hodric Bracegirdle needs your help reducing the threats from the Old Forest.
Category: Bree-land
Quest Level: 12

'Wolves in the Old Forest have always been something of a threat to foresters and woodsmen, but they've recently become more dangerous and aggressive. We don't want them coming into Buckland, so it would be best to hunt them down now in the Old Forest itself.'

'There is a tunnel through the High Hay, north-east of here, beyond the Bounder camp.'