Book 3 Walkthrough, by Elowyn, Captain, Heroes Kinship

We would like to say a big THANK YOU to Elowyn for writting this guide and allowing us to post it on our site. We think it is a job very well done and we hope you will enjoy it.

Book 3: Epic Quests
Quest name Level
Vol. I, Book 3, Foreword: Fires in the North 34
Vol. I, Book 3, Chapter 1: Ranger of the Fields 34
Vol. I, Book 3, Chapter 2: The Gates of Fornost 34
Vol. I, Book 3, Chapter 3: Fallen Once More 35
Vol. I, Book 3, Chapter 4, Part I: A Call to Dwarves 35
Vol. I, Book 3, Chapter 4, Part II: Freeing Dori 35
Vol. I, Book 3, Chapter 5, Part I: A Call to Elves 35
Vol. I, Book 3, Chapter 5, Part II: Tending the Glade 35
Vol. I, Book 3, Chapter 6, Part I: A Call to Men 35
Vol. I, Book 3, Chapter 6, Part II: The Defence of Trestlebridge 35
Vol. I, Book 3, Chapter 6. Part I: A Call to Men 35
Vol. I, Book 3, Chapter 4, Part III: The Dwarves Shall Come 36
Vol. I, Book 3, Chapter 5, Part III: Might of the Elves 36
Vol. I, Book 3, Chapter 6, Part III: The Free Peoples of Trestlebridge 36
Vol. I, Book 3, Chapter 7: The Council Assembled 37

[29] Foreward: Fires In The North

Frideric the Elder sends you to visit the Ranger called Candaith near Weathertop. Visit Candaith and he will send you to the Ranger stronghold of Esteldin located in the North Downs.

[29] Chapter 1: Ranger of the Fields

Halbarad knows things in the North Downs are not what they should be and has Ranger's stationed allover. He sends you to speak with Mincham at Mincham's Camp just outside of the Fields of Fornost.

[29] Chapter 2: The Gates of Fornost

Mincham believes that the enemy has returned to Fornost but is unsure of their strength. He sends you North to the gates of Fornost to slay orcs and wargs. Slay these foul beasts and retun to Mincham at his camp.

Reward: Cloak

[29] Chapter 3: Fallen Once More

Knowing what he now knows, Mincham sends you back to Halbarad in Esteldin to report on your findings. Head back to the Ranger stronghold and make your report. Upon speaking to Halbarad you will be given the choice of 3 new quests, each is the start of 3 chapters of Book 3. These three quests is what makes North Downs such a unique place to me, you have a human city, dwarf city, and elf city all located in one area.

[30] A Call to Dwarves

Halbarad sends you to speak with the Dwarves of Othrikar. Specifically he wants you to speak with Dori or Hannar in Othrikar. Dori is not in Othrikar, so naturally just locate Hannar. Hannar informs you that Dori has been captured by the dwarves and needs rescuing. Hannar will join this council if Dori is rescued.

[30] Chapter 4: Freeing Dori

Dori is located at the camp of Ost Galumar in the Dwarf ruins. Head into the camp clearing out all the dwarves along your way. Head up into the ruins. You will find a giant cage with Dori located inside of it. When you free Dori you will begin being attacked by some elite and regular dwarves. You must fight through these dwarves to secure Dori's jewels. Then you will fight your way back through the camp to Dori's freedom. You will need a strong fellowship because the Dwarves respawn fast and the swarms you get on this Escort Quest can get overwhelming. Upon Dori's freedom you will need to go to Hannar and report. He agrees to meet with the Council. Go back to Esteldin and speak with Halbarad again.

Reward: Heavy Gloves or One-Handed Axe

[29] A Call to Elves

Halbarad requests that the Elves of Lin Giliath to send a reprsentative called Gildor Inglorion to meet with him. Travel to Lin Giliath and ask him to join the council.

[29] Chapter 5: Tending the Glade

Gildor wishes he could just pick up and leave, but things in Lin Giliath are not all that great either. He asks you to head into Nan Wathren and defeat the Uruk Drukordh who camps at the Southern reaches of Nan Wathren. Gather a strong fellowship and head south from Lin Giliath into the Eastern Pass to Nan Wathren. You will fight your way to the Southern post of Nan Wathren and will find Drukordh at the top of a cliff. Defeat him with your fellowship and return to Gildor. Gildor will send you back to Halbarad in Esteldin.

Reward: Light Gloves or Dagger

[29] A Call to Men

Halbarad requests that you speak with Nellie Boskins in Thestlebridge. She will be hard to convince to join this council, but has the most to gain from it.

[29] Chapter 6: The Defence of Thestlebridge

When you speak with Nellie she refuses to come because the battle is soon at hand. She sends you back to Halbarad. You have two choices at this part. You can ride back to Halbarad and he will dialogue with you and then send you to the instanced Thestlebridge to defend the attack. Your other option is to locate the Reflecting Pool in Thestlebridge and jump right into the instance. Either way the fight is the same. You will battle a number of Elite and non-Elite Ongburz Orcs that are attacking Thestlebridge. The battle will not be easy, but with a decent fellowship you will make it through.

Reward: Medium gloves or One-Handed Sword

[30] Chapter 7: The Council Assembled

After speaking with Halbarad to end Chapter 6 he now sends you to speak with Aragorn who has travelled to Rivendell. The Council will soon be meeting and you need to notify Aragorn of what has happened. If you have not visited Rivendell yet, you will need to travel to Ost Guruth in the Lonelands and then follow the road East through the Trollshaws. Just stick to the main road and follow it as far East as you can. You will eventually cross a river, then head up a mountain as you make your way to the beautiful city of Rivendell. Aragorn is located in the Last Homily House on the East side of Rivendell.

Reward: Locket or Light, Medium, or Heavy Shoes

That will complete Book 3 and get you started on Book 4 once you reach Rivendell. This set of quests can be completed pretty quickly with a decent fellowship, and some maps to guide you. I personally felt that this book was much better than Book 2, and almost felt like I was getting the Council ready in the main the Fellowship of the Ring. Sorry for the lack of extra shots in this Book. To many maps.

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