Lotro Rise of Isengard Patch 1 Notes

The LOTRO Game Servers will be brought down on Wednesday, October 19th from 6:00 AM - 10:00 AM Eastern (-4 GMT) for an update to the game. Turbine has also released the first Rise of Isengard Patch Notes:


  • Quest XP rewards for higher level quests (level 53+) have been adjusted going forwards. Quest XP had been gradually declining by level, which wasn't the intent at higher levels.
  • Scholar nodes in Dunland were showing up a little too often. We’ve adjusted them accordingly.
  • Landscape treasure containers (Corpses, backpacks, etc) are back! Players will once again find these items scattered across the landscape.
  • Greater Scroll of Delving has been added as a quest reward to the Book 4 epic quest line. Players that have completed Chapter 28 of Volume 3 Book 4 should receive a Greater Scroll of Delving in their inventory upon log in.




  • With the Opportunist trait slotted, the Trick from Counter Defence can now once again be overwritten by any other Trick from the Burglar.


  • Nobles Mark has been modified to greatly reduce the initial pulse of threat and to greatly reduce the time between pulses of threat. This results in higher threat overall.
  • Cutting Attack and Grave Wound and their improved versions will now crit on their damage over time effects.
  • Tactic: Relentless Attack will now display its buff on the character panel instead of in the critical rating tooltip.
  • The Minor Legacy Scroll for In Defence of Middle-earth now properly replaces a legacy with Words of Courage Pulses.


  • Deep strikes will once again add the bleed effect to the successive critical strikes from strike skills.
  • You will no longer be bumped from a stance when you have the trait Flurry of Blows slotted and you switch from Ardour.
  • Bountiful Mercy will now bestow and advance when using Merciful strike regardless of stance.
  • The skill Battle-acumen will now correctly advance the deed to which it is associated.


  • The display of the Guardian legacy Reactive Block damage has been corrected.
  • Challenge the Darkness now grants Tactical Mitigation as Guardian's Ward Tactics at all levels.


  • Lore-master skill Improved Burning Embers will now remove the oldest Damage over time effect and replace it with a fresh one if the target is already affected by 3 DoT effects.


  • Upon entering Harmony stance your instrument is now properly tucked away.
  • Anthems will no longer break Burglars from stealth.
  • A tooltip issue with Anthem of War has been addressed. A four trait Warrior-skald will now correctly see the tooltip when looking at the skill.
  • The Deed: Strength of Voice will now advance correctly.


  • That Which Does Not Kill Us has had its cooldown properly reduced to 5 minutes.
  • Improved Sustaining Bolt cooldown has had its cooldown properly reduced to 15 seconds.
  • Word and Essay of Exaltation are now immediate skills.
  • Our Fates Entwined has its attunement requirement lowered three steps.
  • The tooltip for Will has been updated to display the correct stat increases.


  • Reversal and Adroit Manoeuver should no longer become stuck in the Warden's battle memory.
  • The Critical Defence trait for Wardens now displays correctly on their character sheet.

Monster Play


  • Creep out of combat health regen has been increased by nearly 40%.
  • Creep damage did not scale as expected with the level bump. As such, all Creep damage has been increased by 20-30%.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the Ranks 1 and 2 Appearance traits to unlock at Ranks 0 and 1. Players that have acquired these at the wrong Ranks will be allowed to keep them.
  • Freep morale and power potions have had their cooldowns increased to 2 minutes to match that of the Creep potions.
  • Guards will no longer aggro Target Dummies when active.
  • Calenard Riffler of Hope will now correctly modify Improved Prelude to Hope. The dispel chance has also been reduced from 100% to 40%


  • Blight hotspot radius has been reduced to match that of the visual effect (reduced from 6m to 3m)
  • Enhanced Skill: Blight duration increased reduced from 30s to 15s. Defilers were not intended to be able to have two blight pools out at once.
  • Blessing of Darkness channel state is no longer diminished by damage done to the target or caster. To stop the skill, the caster must be interrupted.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Enhanced Skill: Efflorescence to provide the benefits of Enhanced Skill: Blight. This now enhances Efflorescence only.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented Thrash from applying more than one stack of the bleed.


  • Toxin power drain is now classified as a Poison and is curable.
  • Strong Brood Hatchling's Poison Cloud no longer damages Monsters (thus preventing Creep guards from attacking Weavers).


  • Flea Bitten Induction & Action Duration debuff increased to 25% from 10%
  • Rabid Bite & Improved Rabid Bite Power Cost debuff increased from 10/20% to 25/40%

Troll/Ranger Session Play

  • Fixed a bug that was allowing the Troll and Ranger to double dip on damage. Damage has been reduced by roughly 50%
  • Health pools have been adjusted to be relative to the oppositions damage output. Ranger health reduced to 40k. Troll health reduced to 80k.

Raids & Instances


  • Deeds for tier 1 and tier 2 will advance correctly, even if you are dead.

Pit of Iron

  • Players should no longer fall through the platforms in The Pit of Iron.
  • When defeated in The Pit of Iron players should now be sent to the entrance of the dungeon.

In Their Absence

  • The Meta deed will re-complete for all who have done it before and give them the horse. Anyone who has not completed it will retain their progress.

Fil Gashan

  • Fixed some pathing issues with Commander Greb that caused him to teleport around and reset.

A Message of Thanks

  • The quest bestowal item is now useable if you obtained it by using the human skip tutorial store item.

School at Tham Mirdain

  • Chest have been updated and should now contain gear as intended.


  • Skirmishes / Scaled Instances: Superior 3rd Marks are no longer needed for any purchases. The sets and 2nd age Legendary Items now require Veterans 3rd Marks. Superior 3rd Marks can be now sold for 80 Skirmish Marks or for 2 Veterans 3rd Marks.
  • The costs of level 65 Legendary Item blanks have decreased.
  • Some Classic sets have had their prices reduced.


  • An issue where greater crafted relic recipe scrolls became unusable after obtaining Westfold mastery has been fixed.

Graphics, FX, Sound, World

  • Fixed phasing issue near the edge of Galtrev.
  • Fixed super glossy texture in Enedwaith.
  • Land Seam removed via texture update
  • Ropes in dunland hut will now be shown from both inside and out
  • Dwarf male should no longer have vertexes flying away from his body on his arms
  • Sheaths are now flush with the blade.

Quests & Deeds

  • Into the Dragon's Maw: The orders for this quest were incorrecly dropping off of Ox-clan Captains at Rhuvel-cadlus. This has been corrected to Dragon-clan Captains at Uvel-cadlus.
  • Seeking a Solution: This quest can no longer be canceled, but if someone steals your boss, you can respawn it from the Disturbed Earth.
  • Taking a Stand: There was a bug causing players who had not yet taken Taking a Stand, but who helped a player with the instance, to inherit the new phased state of the NPCs Thurbald, Ealfrith, and Cuthric, blocking their ability to continue on Silent Riders. This has been corrected.
  • Carreglyn -- Punishing the Wicked: Previously, if someone spawned the boss fight, but a second player actually tagged and killed the boss, the first player could not complete the quest. The boss now can be respawned.
  • Carreglyn -- Munfaeril's Warning: There was an issue that caused a player to not be able to get their quest rewards upon completion. If two players used the same copy of Munfaeril to complete the wrapper, the second player's events got switched so that they spoke to Munfaeril first and used the shrine second, which broke the rewards screen. Now multiple players can complete their quest off the same copy of Munfaeril (if she is not present, the shrine must still be used to summon her, but completion will happen correctly.)
  • There was a further complication with Punishing the Wicked, which caused the boss to remain stuck in NPC mode. This is being resolved by causing the entire encounter to despawn immediately if combat ends (due to player death, Hide in Plain Sight or other combat-ending skill). The detection hotspot also now has a cooldown of three minutes before it resets the encounter.
  • Dunland - Bonevales - Quest: A Glimpse of the Fall - You can no longer accept the quest "A Glimpse of the Fall" from the Tainted Chain, if you have not completed the quest "Missing Persons"
  • Dunland - Bonevales - Quest: Instance: Rise and Fall - Player no longer forced to restart quest if they leave before speaking to Lhucu - The teleport area spawns in as she reaches the exit
  • Previously that thing you were looking for was always found in the last place you looked. This has now been randomized.
  • Dunland - Isendale - Odd Benefactors - Players, who have not completed the quests within the instance, would from time to time exit the instance. Upon leaving the instance, the quests would reset but the instance space itself would not reset for 5 minutes. Players would be unable to proceed past the first objective. The instance reset timer has been drastically reduced to 15 seconds. If you enter the space and are unable to proceed past the first objective of the three quests within the space, leave the instance and re-enter it 15 seconds later.
  • Dunland deeds for quest completion have been fixed! They no longer require the completion of phantom content, and should update for anyone who has completed the majority of a zone's quests.
  • Dunland - Trum Dreng: There should be no more issues with phasing if logging out or leaving before turning in the quest to Guto: "Let Us Follow Them"
  • Lothlorien: Quest "Anduin Patrol""-- the craban that was stuck in a tree is now free. This quest should be completable.

Lua Scripting

  • Fixed a possible client crash when using Lua plugins that interacted with items.
  • Actor now contains the following new APIs: GetTemporaryMorale, GetMaxTemporaryMorale, GetTemporaryPower, GetMaxTemporaryPower. These APIs return information about temporary stats that are added on top of the base morale and power stats.
  • The Lua EquipmentSlot control now properly refreshes no matter how items are equipped or unequipped.


  • Addressed an issue in the LOTRO Store where the Legendary Slot Unlock offers were available even after purchase.
  • Captain Standard stats have been increased to be comparable to their crafted counterparts.
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