Lotro Pumpkin Carving Contest 2011

pumpkin contest 2011
It’s time for a Pumpkin Carving contest again and great rewards like a custom forum title, Turbine Points, and more! Turbine will accept digital photographs of entries from October 18th through November 5th, 2011. Entries must be original creations, should be at least 1024x768 in resolution, and no larger than 6MB in file size.

For the Best Lord of the Rings Online Pumpkin, rewards are:

  • 3000 Turbine Points for the LOTRO Store
  • Custom Forum Title: “Master Carver (2011)”


One runner-up in this category will receive a custom forum title: “Master Carver (2011)”

How to use a pumpkin carving template:

  • Print the template on a sheet of paper.
  • Cut along the dashed lines in the corners (this will help your template lay against the round surface of the pumpkin).
  • Attach the paper to the desired side of the pumpkin where you want the design to show.
  • Follow along the black lines poking small holes through the paper into the pumpkin’s skin.
  • Remove the paper template and you will see dots in the shape of the design on the pumpkin’s skin.
  • Connect the dots, and then start carving! Keep your template beside you to help you as you go – the gray shaded parts are the ones that will come out of the pumpkin.

Click here for official rules and tips on sending in your pumpkin entry!

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