Lotro Bullroarer Release Notes – Update 3

New version of the Bullroarer Release Notes about Lotro Update 3 has been released. The following changes apply only to the Bullroarer Test Server and can be changed before being released to the live servers.

New Scaled Instances
Two new scaled instances are now available!

Inn of the Forsaken

  • Levels 20-65 (Scaling)
  • Size: 3 Person Instance
  • Rewards: New armor, jewelry and cosmetic items.

Halls of Night

  • Levels: 40-65 (scaling)
  • Size: 3 Person Instance
  • Rewards: New armor, weapons and pocket items.

New Skirmishes
Two new skirmishes are available for Players level 30-65! New armour and Jewellery are available at Skirmish Vendors.

Attack at Dawn – Offensive Skirmish

  • Levels: 30-65

The Icy Crevasse – Offensive

  • Levels: 40-65

It's the Little Things that count
The following items have been changed or added to the game based on player feedback & suggestions.

  • The Title panel now allows you to search for specific titles.
  • The map notes for stable-masters now display their location name in their tooltips.
  • Three new Community Designed relics have been added to the melding panel!
  • Critial Success during relic forging now has a small chance to provide additional relics in addition to bonus shards.
  • Edhelharn Token can now be stacked to a max of 20.


  • When the 'Enable movement assistance in combat' option is enabled, players will no longer stop moving towards their target when they execute a skill that is usable while moving.
  • You can once again use /follow while moving.
  • The granting of Milestone skills can now be done while riding a mount.
  • The Milestone skills are now usable in combat.
  • Several common travel skills have been made usable in combat: Return to Thorin's Gate, Return to The Shire, Return to Rivendell, Return to Bree, Return to Mirkwood, Return to Ost Guruth, Return to Enedwaith, Return to Michel Delving, Travel to Personal House, Travel to Kinship House



  • “Hide in Plain Sight” will once again protect the burglar for being broken out of stealth by area of effect skills.
  • Weaker versions of the “Addle” debuff will no longer overwrite greater version of the “Addle” debuff.
  • The debuff from the Burglar trait “Swift and Subtle” will now be applied to monsters that are dazed from the gamble applied by “Provoke”.
  • “Knives Out” will now have its cooldown reset by “Ready and Able” and “Escape Clause”.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the armor and insignia “Subtle Stab” healing debuff from working when the “Swift & Subtle” trait was slotted.


  • The Captain trait “Strength from Within” adds a heal over time effect to “Muster Courage”. It will now stack fully with the heal over time effect granted by the Inspire skill.


  • “Echoes of Battle” will no longer be toggled off when the trait “Power of Song” procs.
  • Mentor skills can no longer be used on players who have already received the instrument trait.


  • When using the trait "Improved Rend", lesser versions of the “Armour Rend” debuff will no longer
  • overwrite greater versions of the “Armour Rend” debuff.


  • The Warden's mustering skills are now usable in combat.


  • Monster Players will once again be able to access their Biography.

Weaver Changes

  • Hatchling base & traited health has been increased by 1%
  • Hatchling base damage has been increased by 1%
  • Strongbrood Hatchling damage has been increased by 15%
  • Hatchling base & traited movement speed increased by 2%
  • Devour & Improved Devour ranged increased from 5m to 30m
  • Hatchlings are no longer classified as "Swarm"
  • AoE damage will no longer hit the Hatchling and break the "Lie In Wait" channel.
  • Hatchling pet will no longer trigger the Burning Oil at the keeps.
  • Hatchling level has been increased from 63 to 65
  • Mandible Strikes damage is increased by 15% when Strong Brood trait is equipped.
  • Devour now heals for the amount listed on the tooltip
  • Ambush effect applied to the Hatchling is now a level 65 effect.


  • Snare no longer shares a cooldown with Set Trap and Fire Trap.

Instances, Raids, and Skirmishes

  • 1 and 3-man versions of the boss in the Battle of the Twenty-first Hall Skirmish had a bug which caused him not to turn into a monster, blocking completion of the Skirmish. This should now be fixed. As well, Lieutenants in the fourth assault had a bug in their paths that caused them to hang and make it appear as if the Skirmish was not completable. This has also been fixed.

Medallion acquisition rates for most of the In their Absence non-raid instances have been increased. The acquisition rates are now as follows:

  • Northcotton Farms: 5
  • Northcotton Farms Challenge: 5
  • Stone Height: 6
  • Stone Hieght Challenge: 6
  • Lost Temple: 10
  • Lost Temple Challenge: 10
  • Suri Surma: 8
  • Suri Surma Challenge: 8

Northcotton Farms

  • Quest - Challenge: The Unquenched Flame: Losing the fight in Tier 2 will no longer cause the Challenge quest to fail.
  • Quest - Challenge: The Unquenched Flame: The quest text has been updated to indicate that it can only be completed during tier 2.
  • Quest - Challenge: The Unquenched Flame: Billboard text will no longer indicate that you have doused the flames if you lose the fight.
  • Quest - Challenge: The Unquenched Flame: Quest text updated to no longer refer to the quest as a "Daily" quest.

Ost Dunhoth

  • First door in disease can no longer get rarely stuck closed
  • Reduced amount of common damage Dunhoth Stalkers do.
  • If you die during Gortheron's drama sequence, the fight will reset.
  • Raging Stone Trolls now show they have Anger.
  • The teleport to the fear boss is re-enabled once he is defeated.
  • Ivar has a billboard alert when he tiers up during the fight
  • The wound boss fight will reset if you wipe after killing the mammoths but before clearing the adds
  • When entering the last room before the final boss in the Halls of Crafting, there will no longer be rocks and a tower visible at the end of the hallway for a short time.


  • Farmer's Bane - Reworked deer corpses to more reliably spawn the wolves

Grand Stair:

  • Fixed a break with Gothgaash's reset.

Ringwraith's Lair:

  • Boss plays drama again on entering

Seeking Glory:

  • Has quest guide

Sammath Gul:

  • Alagossir will no longer rarely use his ranged skill during phase 2


  • Removed billboard spam during the Nengon challenge fight


  • Challenge Mode will now work reliably when you kill all of the lieutenants in the Osan fight. The Caerogs have been spoken to and now understand their role in life much more.

Legendary items

  • Level 60 First and Second Age Legendary Items leveled to maximum will no longer produce a bonus heritage rune when they are deconstructed as the base heritage runes these items produce are no longer level limited.
  • Critial Success during relic forging now has a small chance to provide additional relics in addition to bonus shards.
  • Three new Community Designed relics have been added to the melding panel!



  • Fixed an issue where some Supreme Cook recipes were not dropping in treasure at all. These recipes can now be found in treasure (level 59+).
  • The Cook's Guild recipes "Small Artisan Repast" and "Medium Artisan Repast" were incorrectly requiring the Oven facility. These recipes now require a Superior Oven facility.


  • Corrected the crafting categories for the following sets of Apprentice and Journeyman Metalsmith recipes: Heavy Bronze Armour ("Heavy Armour - Level 16"), Iron Armour ("Heavy Armour - Level 17"), Crafted Armour ("Heavy Armour - Level 18"), Heavy Iron Armour ("Heavy Armour - Level 19")


  • Edhelharn Token can now be stacked to a max of 20.
  • The Inscription of Benefits, which when used grants the user a permanent 10% discount at all vendors in Lothlórien, can now only be used once.
  • The newly added Ost Donhoth shields no longer magically scale up when using a bow in combat.
  • The necklace Mirhigil has been grandfathered and a new version of the item replaces it (and has a much less incoming healing rating). If you already have this item you can continue enjoying the massive incoming healing rating.
  • The trait-granting items purchased from barter vendors in the skirmish camps are now auto-consumed.
  • The Ring of Mystery and Trinket of Mystery have been revised to include better stats for the Lore-master (as they are rewards for Lore-master class quests).
  • The Helm of the Dwarf-Hoard now matches the colour of the rest of the Dwarf-Hoard armor set and can now be dyed.

Traits and Deeds

  • The Oppressors of Stoneheight deed should now complete when killing Dale Truitt on all difficulty settings.

Auction House

  • Auction House will now properly handle items that have an active auction, but have been removed from the game during an update. Those auctions will now not show up in any lists. They should expire as usual.
  • Addressed an issue that allowed non-legendary items to appear under the Legendary Items category.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the "Talisman of the Tundra Cub" recipe to appear under Jeweller Tier 2 instead of Tier 4.

User Interface

  • Housing Upkeep Reminder Alerts and Housing Locked Alerts will now go away properly when you pay upkeep, even when the paying player is not the owner of the house.
  • You can once again see partial match Fellowship Maneuver names when contributing.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented weapon quest rewards from sorting properly in the vault.
  • It will no longer be possible to get a trait stuck slotted if you no longer meet the requirements of it for any reason.
  • “Fog of War” on the world map no longer exists. You will now be able to see the world map in its entirety without having to visit every area.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing multiple copies of the same recipe to display in your crafting panel.
  • There are now icons representing fields in the crafting UI for farmers.
  • Two more cosmetic outfit slots are now available for purchase. As part of this, the UI has been updated to be able to fit the new buttons.
  • The Title panel now allows you to search for specific titles.
  • Players are now able to search for specific skills on the Active Skills tab.
  • It will no longer be possible to lose track of your pets or your fellow's pets on your radar.
  • The map notes for stable-masters now display their location name in their tooltips.


  • Eating a "Extra Deliciously Tasty Biscuit" while on a horse will no longer be so disturbing, thanks for the bug Vanathane!
  • Anniversary Rewards: Large Windmill decoration is now displaying its blade correctly.


  • Fixed a bug that disallowed players who had skipped the early Books of Vol II but who complete the solo version Vol II, Book 8, Chapter 4 from accessing the Way of Smiths and thus blocked advancing Book 8 Chapter 5.


  • The second tier of task deeds will now properly complete when players complete 2 tasks.
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