[13] Chapter 6: In The Black Riders' Wake

Lenglinn informs you that the Crebain, LOTRO's birds, are the Enemy's spies. He asks you to go out and slay a number of them. Head South-West from the camp and there is a slew of birds sitting there waiting for you (Craban). Slay them and return to Lenglinn. This is kind of a joke it's so easy.

Reward: 50c

[13] Chapter 7: Horn-call of Buckland

The horn has sounded in Buckland and something foul is afoot. You are to investigate the Baggins' home inside of Buckland in an area called Crickhollow. Leave the camp and head Southwest to the Buckland Gate. Enter the gate and then head southeast. Pass through the first set of houses until you get into a bit of a clearing. You will see a Hobbit home surrounded by hedges all the way around. This is the Baggins home. Enter and speak with Fredegar Bolger who is waiting in the gates. When you speak with him those pesky Crebain birds attack again. Kill as many as you can, two will fly off though into the Old Forest. Fredegar Bolger will send you back to Lengelin with the news.

Lenglinn will ask you to return to Strider in Bree to give him the news. Make the trek back to Bree.

Reward: Daerechor (Wrist)

[15] Chapter 8: Master of the Wood

Strider now wants you to head into the Old Forest following the birds. He asks you to locate the legendary Tom Bombadil and speak with him at his home in the Forest. The Old Forest is ridiculous if you have never been there before. It is tough and confusing all at the same time. Here is the easiest way to complete this quest.

Head out of Bree to Buckland. On the eastern edge of Buckland is an entrance into the Old Forest. Enter the Old Forest from there (not the Adso's Camp entrance). Follow the road you are on when you enter the forest. It will curve and eventually reach a clearing with a hill. Follow the path (it becomes a little tougher to see), basically it swings around the hill to the south. You will then pick it back up pretty easily. Follow that path as it winds southeast. It will lead you directly to Tom's house. Speak with Tom to complete the chapter.

Reward: Nothing

[15] Chapter 9: Lilies For The River Daughter

At first Tom is not too interested in helping you locate the evil birds. Eventually he gives in but wants you to do something for him first. Tom asks you to gather some lilies from the river down by Old Man Willow. Head south from Tom's location into the river. Follow the river West and you will run right into a giant tree called "Old Man Willow". You need to gather the lilies from around the tree. When I was there the tree sucked all of my power, but not my morale. After you have what you need return to Tom by heading east in the river and then up the hill near his house.

Reward: 1s 80c

[16] Chapter 10: Into The Barrow-Downs

You will need a decent fellowship to complete this quest. I beat it with about 6 of us level 17 - 20. It's great if you can get a fellowship to complete both Chapter 10 and 11 together.

Tom now tells you that the birds flew through the forest and into the Barrow-Downs. You've got two options to enter the Barrow Downs. Option one is to leave the Old Forest the way you came (by following the path back into Buckland). You would then travel along the Old East Road (main road heading back to Bree). When you go past Adso's camp there is path on the south side of the road that you can follow up into the mountains. When you cross into the mountains you will enter the North Barrow-downs. When you are in the North-Barrow Downs head to the first O in the name "Barrow-Downs". Then head directly west until you reach the Crebain scouts and Andraste.

Option two is easier, but if you don't already have a fellowship it's somewhat pointless. When you finish talking with Tom go up near his house. On the North side of the house is a path heading north. Follow that path (it's called the Old Barrows Road). It will hook and weave but eventually lead you into the North Barrow Downs (much faster than option one). Follow the path up the hill and then turn south and follow the rim of the hill south. It will lead you directly to Andraste and the Crebain scouts.

When your fellowship is ready speak with Andraste. He will then attack along with his birds. This is an elite mob and he is not overly friendly. He is level 16 with 1715 morale. Defeat him and return and speak with Tom in the Old Forest (use the option 2 method to get to him quickly.

Reward: 2s 15c and one of the following: Tallang (One-handed sword) or Taronn (Two-handed club)

[18] Chapter 11: Othrongroth

You will need a full fellowship to complete this quest. I had a full fellowship of 6 people levelâs 17-20.

Speak with Tom Bombadil at his house. He will transport you to the instance of Osthrongroth (the Greater-Barrows). Basically you will work your way through a portion of this massive instance (we'll save that till later). You are on a search for the Witch-king. Work your way through the instance killing every Dead that you encounter. Eventually you will reach a throne room with the Wight-lord sitting on the throne. He will invite you to approach if you wish to speak. He will then attack you. He is a level 18 elite I believe. You will take him down so far then he will summon some walking dead to attack you. Defeat them because the Wight-lord will just walk away for a bit. When you have taken them out the Wight-lord will attack again. He will do this 2 - 3 times I believe. Eventually he will become invincible and your attacks will be rendered useless. Good luck figuring out what to do now!

If you successfully complete the Wight-lord you will need to speak with Tom Bombadil to complete this chapter and receive your rewards.

Reward: 3s 20c and one of the following: Toranc (light shoulders), Froth-Fotar (medium feet), Golfadanir (heavy legs), Gollos (earring), Defender of Cardolan (two-handed axe)

[18] Chapter 12: The Black Rider's Designs

Return to the Prancing Pony in Bree to talk with Strider. Head into the Prancing Pony and down to Strider's room. You will be told that he has left and you will need to return to Barliman Butterbur in the main lobby. Barliman will let you know that Gandalf should be of some help. Head back towards Strider's room but go up the stairs this time and meet Gandalf. You will now have completed Book 1 of the Epic quests and be given the Foreword for Book 2.

Reward:Malbellas (Necklace)

Your next step is BOOK 2

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