Lotro Bullroarer Release Notes – Update 2: Echoes of the Dead

Turbine has updated Release Notes for the Bullroarer Test Server. Don't forget that the following release notes apply only to the Bullroarer Test Server. All changes and updates listed are subject to change before being released to the live servers. These release notes should be considered incomplete and subject to change at any time.

General Gameplay

  • All of you who love to /dance can now go /afk safely and can once again /dance without logging out.
  • BULLROARER ONLY: Characters who have not previously logged in to an Update 2 build and who have completed the Assaulter of the Ringwraith's Lair deed will receive the correct title automatically. Similarly, if they have completed the Acquaintance with the Galadhrim rep tier, they will be automatically granted Lothlórien access. If you previously logged on a character to Bullroarer then that character will still not have the correct title/deed.


  • BULLROARER ONLY: Burglar Marbles will once again cause Fellowship Manoeuvres.
  • BULLROARER ONLY: Clarified the effect of Knives Out. It now sets Melee Defence to 20% (with -10% from legacy).
  • BULLROARER ONLY: Fix for the Burglar Leafwalker trait enabling the Disable Gamble on Provoke even when not in Stealth.


  • The deed Tactical Prowess for Captains will now advance normally when Leader of Men is slotted.


  • Enduring Precision - increased focus gen from 1 every 10, to 1 every 8
  • Improved Fleetness - decreases Bow Inductions by 15%, no longer reduces the cooldowns of Focus skills
  • Huntsman 4-set bonus - Increased Quick Shot focus generation chance to 20%.
  • Strength of the Earth now properly lasts for 5 seconds.
  • The Shot Through the Heart trait now displays how much damage it can do.
  • The 3 trait set bonus for Trapper has it's text changed from + to - on the Rain of Thorns resistance penetration, to be more consistent with other penetration tooltips.
  • Barbed Fury now increases bleed damage by 2%, and no longer increases the duration of the bleed.
  • BULLROARER ONLY: The previous change to Strength of Earth correctly listed the duration as 5 seconds, but the actual effect was lasting 3. This has been addressed. Strength of Earth will now have the correct 5 second duration.
  • BULLROARER ONLY: Bright Campfire now has it's correct increased regen numbers.
  • BULLROARER ONLY: Heartseeker is now properly reduced to a 60s cooldown by the Bowmaster set.
  • BULLROARER ONLY: Fleetness trait and skill are now more accuretly named and described.


  • BULLROARER ONLY: Updated the bonuses for Warden's Defender of the West and the Captain's Cry of the West armor sets.

The Ettenmoors

  • BULLROARER ONLY: Weaver pet fixes.
  • -The Weaver's hatchling will now enter stealth when the Weaver uses Lie In Wait. Note - the pet does not stealth when using Trapdoor sanctuary, but can be controlled and will not pull the Weaver out of its burrow.
  • -Devour now applies an 8s effect to the Weaver that prevents the use of Feast and Shelob's Gift.
  • BULLROARER ONLY: Weaver's hatchling now uses a stealth effect that is equivalent to its Master's stealth while burrowed.
  • BETA ONLY - Monsterplay - Fixed a bug that caused the defeat effect to generate when a Weaver's hatchling used the Devour skill. Now that this is fixed, Devour no longer disables Shelob's Gift and Feast after use.
  • Character Panel for Monster Play now shows the PVP Rank instead of the Level
  • Monster Players will no longer see the meaningless-to-them minimum level requirement on the Destiny Perks


  • Dimrill Dale:
    • Sappers no longer use power drain skills
  • Priestess of Flame:
    • Casts fires slower on 3-man
  • Northcotton Farms:
    • Thadur will now monologue at you when you first face him, he will become attackable following his greeting.
    • Several spaces have different lighting to make the ground effects more visible.
    • Trash packs can no longer be bypassed & several of the trapped hobbits sequences have been slightly changed.
    • Northcotton Farms: Goblin Scouts now use proper poison pot item and fx.
    • Tiered Corruption Buffs now change icons to indicate that the effect has been changed.
    • Thadur will no longer get stuck in drama mode, in certain circumstances during the third fight.

Legendary Items

  • Each new Settings now raises ranged, tactical and melee damage instead of just one of the three.
  • Each new Gem now raises ranged, tactical and melee critical instead of just one of the three.
  • Extraordinary Gem of Hope now raises critical defense, power and morale.
  • Extraordinary Gem of Faith now raises might instead of health.
  • Extraordinary Rune of Wisdom now raises evade instead of all resistances.
  • BULLROARER ONLY: Critical successes when combining relics now produce multiple shards


  • Fixed an issue that was causing multiple copies of the same recipe to display in your crafting panel.


  • Crafting (Tailor): Fixed an issue where the Heavy Cloth Robe recipe was displayed under the wrong Tailoring sub-category.

Volume II

  • Epic: Volume 2 - Book 4 - Chapter 7: The Drowned Treasury - Gundlajan Queens will now reset if they are dragged into either cave entrance.
  • Epic: Volume 2, Book 6, Chapter 8: New Devilry - Gloom-Walker and Flame-Drinker FX now match the correct monster.
  • Epic: Volume 2, Book 6, Chapter 8: New Devilry - Certain grims have had their pathing changed, so that they will properly agro additional mobs.
  • Epic: Volume 2, Book 8, Chapter 3 and 4: Players who previously have this quest underway will have this quest removed, so that they may more easily choose between the group and solo version of these quests.
  • Epic: Volume 2, Book 8, Chapters 3 & 4 (Solo) - Instances now have VO intros.
  • Epic: Volume 2, Book 8, Chapter 3 (Solo): Ergoth will deal slightly less damage.
  • Epic: Volume 2, Book 8, Chapter 4 (Solo): Rockworms will now take slightly more damage.
  • Epic: Volume 2, Book 8, Chapter 6: Return to Azanarukar - Reworked Death Mechanics within the instance.
  • Epic: Volume 2, Book 9, Epilogue: Alfirimbes - Number of Glow worms per group was reduced.
  • Epic: Volume 2, Epilogue: Greyhammers - VO now matches quest text.

Miscellaneous Fixes

  • Quest - Lothlorien - Consistent Harassment - Proper animation now plays when you destroy objects.
    User Interface
  • BULLROARER ONLY: Character Journal Tutorial Hint is shown when opening character journal, not the bio panel
  • The escort vitals UI got some new art.
  • BULLROARER ONLY: There's now a tooltip showing the class name when you hover over the class icon in the character equipment page
  • BULLROARER ONLY: The Session play character panel stat tree has been cleaned up and has blue headers for good session play and red headers for evil
  • Players who completed the "Assaulter of the Ringwraith's Lair" deed will receive the appropriate title, even if they completed it before the deed was fixed to award the correct title.
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