Lotro Release Notes for November Update

Today Turbine released official notes for the November 2010 Update. There are several big changes like:

  1. The Lone-lands quest pack is now free to all players
  2. Swift Travel Routes that previously required the player to be a subscriber are now usable by past subscribers as well
  3. Free repeatable quest - Tasks
  4. New reputation mounts have been added to the game
  5. Ered Luin have been completely revamped
  6. Players can now rename their characters by purchasing the rename option in the LOTRO Store.
  7. New Ingredient Packs
  8. Yule festival has been improved and the Winter-home has been added to this festival.

For the full Release Notes head over to official site

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7 Responses to Lotro Release Notes for November Update

  1. avatar Matt says:

    Well thats lame, i worked hard on deeds to get lone-lands and now its free. :/

  2. avatar Beleglin says:

    Look at it this way – you can use your Turbine Points for buying some other quest pack 🙂

  3. avatar bero says:

    Guessing this is a US only patch?

    Would love those changes on the EU servers as well. Any indication of when that might be happening?