Bullroarer Took Day Screenshot Contest

The Bullroarer Took Day Screenshot contest runs from March 10th to March 16nd. For those who want to participate important information is that the categories are broken into two parts: individual and group. To enter the Bullroarer Took Screenshot Contest, send your entry to LOTRO@turbine.com with the subject line LOTRO Bullroarer Took Screenshot Contest. Winners will receive 500 Turbine Points, so start snapping screenshots!

Solo or Group shots

  • Best Toast - Snap a photo of your character toasting to Bullroarer Took!
  • Wearin' the Green - Show us your best green attire!
  • Standing Strong - Take a picture beneath Bullroarer Took's statue.

Group shots

  • Best Party Band - Gather three or more of your friends for a jam session using our music system.
  • Best Party - Assemble five or more of your friends and throw a party in any housing area, city, or tavern/inn.
  • Best Living on the Edge Party - Who needs the comfort of an inn?  Gather five or more of your friends in the most dangerous party location you can find!

Tips for Taking Screenshots

  • The number pad or right mouse button can be used to adjust the camera angle
  • CTRL-P/Print Screen takes your screenshot
  • Screenshots are stored in My Documents/The Lord of the Rings Online
  • F12 will remove the UI, and N will remove floaty names

Click here for official rules and tips on sending in your entry!

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