What’s up with no updates on the site for 7 days? Read here…

Yes, we have been fairly inactive the past week. Yes, we haven't released a comic for 7 days. No, we haven't dropped the idea of this site nor we decided to abandon it. No, the comics will not stop coming out.

Let me explain. Both Silriel and me have jobs that feed us. This site is a product of enthusiasm. At this point in time we can't make it our full time job because simply you can't live off of 0.30$ per day now can you 🙂 Since the first day the site got released we've spent a lot, if not most, of our free time producing comics and content for the site and after 3 months of that we just couldn't keep up with the tempo anymore. Having 14 hour work days including weekends is not something you can keep up with for long. I fell behind in my day job and had to bring it up to speed this last week. What you can expect from us in the future is more comics and LOTRO fanboy stuff but I can't make any promises on the schedule.

If you like the site and the idea behind it your help would be most welcome. We always envisioned this to be a place for people playing LOTRO to express themselves. If you would like to write an article about LOTRO, a small guide you think the LOTRO community would find helpful, have a story published, or even have a comic or a comic idea you would like published here and shown to the world please let us know and we'll try to accommodate. Please use the contact us form we have (sorry for not providing the email address but the form is the only way we can avoid being spammed) and we'll respond asap.

As for what the future will bring to the site ... 6 panels of the Epic comic have been drawn and mostly painted. Part 4 of Session play Casual comic will be out in the next few days (I'll try and make it today, but we have a wedding to attend and I am not sure if I'll make it in time). We have a Great Barrows guide in production and that should be out very shortly as well. The comic page has another redesign on the way as well. The problem is that time available and all our plans are not compatible enough for the content to be updated regularly. Hope you guys understand and bare with us for a little while longer.

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